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  1. Yes. One other thing I noticed is if the graphic doesn't fully cover the artboard, the PNG will export with an alpha channel. Once the graphic fully covers the artboard, it will no longer export with an alpha channel.
  2. Just updated to 1.7 and the technique that I used before to export a PNG with alpha channel was to make sure the artboard's fill was white. Now it no longer works and I'm not sure how to include the alpha channel. There seems to be no option in the preferences -> color options as well on mac osx.
  3. currently i'm using illustrator to organize all my assets, which works great since there's a tagging system. Unfortunately affinity designer's asset panel isn't really functional for anything reaching over 50 items and it seems there's nothing on the roadmap to improve that. But affinity is much faster and overall a better product, so I'd prefer to use this app if I can figure out a good way to organize each individual image where I can easily drag n drop them into an affinity project. Any advice? I'm currently thinking of just using out of the box mac tagging and folders for each image, each image being it's own affinity file. Has anyone tried that?
  4. No plans I'm guessing? Currently I'm using illustrator primarily for the asset search functionality, but it's really a bloated mess that is extremely slow.
  5. I've been waiting for a while for this, being able to search for something that's in another category or subcategory and being able to search by tags (example: searching for "green cloud" will not return "cloud green". As of right now, anything more than a few dozen items in the category become unmaintainable due to lack of search options.
  6. I think that's a different option than the insert artboard from selection function, because doing that will only allow me to create an artboard from a single, ungrouped object.
  7. Before I go ahead and start adding 1000+ vector graphics to the asset manager in affinity designer, is there a limit? Since the subcategory and cross-category search is very limited, I'm planning on just adding everything to one category with no subgroups for easy searching.
  8. I have a pig graphic with a red stroke outline where I have circled the problems areas in green. When I use the create an artboard from selection tool, parts of it will be cut off (top right and bottom), and some parts will have an extra space (top left). This happens on almost all my graphics. The group has been manually placed in the transform panel to integers. Force pixel alignment and snapping are turned off, decimal places for unit values are at default values. I've tried aligning the stroke to center & outside. Is this a bug or a problem on my side? Mac 10.13.3 Affinity Designer 1.6.1
  9. Is there a hotkey or a way for me to make a hotkey for the create an artboard from selection option?
  10. Is there any way to retain the groups of the EPS files commonly downloaded from these types of sites, where the author probably made them in illustrator?
  11. Vector EPS files that I have bought from shutterstock lose all groupings when opening it up in affinity, but I know they are there cause when I open them in illustrator, everything is grouped. How do I retain all the groups with affinity?
  12. I have the decimal place for unit types on pixel set to 0, and snapping and move by whole pixel on, yet when I rescale images they will not be integer values. Even when changing the width and height to an integer value, and rescaling, it will not be an integer value anymore. This makes it a pain to create an artboard from selection since it keeps adding extra pixels to the sides, as well as adding more pixels to the dimensions when exporting.
  13. Does affinity support arabic fonts? They don't connect.
  14. How do you always make sure graphics are always placed on a whole pixel? I thought by adjusting the decimal places option for pixels to 0, and then force pixel alignment and move by whole pixel would ensure that, but if I switch to decimal place for pixels to 1, I can see that my graphics are actually not placed on whole pixels.
  15. 100% of the time I need the stroke to scale with the object and I'm willing to bet a lot of other people always do that to. It would be awesome to have a global setting for this so I don't have to keep double-checking before I resize things.
  16. I'm a bit confused as to the point of the asset manager. When there's something in a collapsed sub-category, and I search for it, it won't appear. Doesn't that make sub-categories useless? Search also doesn't cover different categories. So instead of searching for something from anywhere, say a planet, I'd have to specifically go the the space category, and then do my search, and also make sure the sub-category with the thing I'm searching for is expanded, otherwise nothing will appear. How come search is so limited?
  17. when trying to insert an artboard by selecting a group, it will be slightly off-center, causing me having to position it manually on the artboard to prevent cut-offs
  18. for example, a star field. is it possible to rapidly create many stars? Bonus if I can randomly change the size, opacity, and rotation of them.
  19. I have lots of subcategories with various assets, so all of them are collapsed to save space. When I search for something, the category where the item is located at will not uncollapse, making it really hard to find something in a sea of sub-categories. I wish the search function would just show what is being searched for outside the subcategories, because it doesn't matter where it's located at, I just want to use "so and so". Bonus points if I can search through multiple categories. Will this ever been implemented? I could see this is a great way to store everything I have in the asset manager, but this lack of search feature prevents me from doing so.
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