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  1. So far I've tried shutterstock. I was able to find most graphics I needed and was amazed that I got away with paying $170 for 350 graphics. Any recommendations for another website where I can bulk buy lots 2d stuff, or a hub where I can buy individual 2d art packs from artists?
  2. I'm curious what you guys use to organize graphics into something that's searchable. For example, you need a "flat style 2d bird" or a "tree", so you use something to search your database of graphics that have been properly tagged, and volia, you have exactly what you need. Do you use affinity's built in asset manager for databases of graphics that range over 1000? Or have you found another application that is better for organizing things? I need to be able to find the assets quickly and (hopefully) be able to just drag them into an artboard to make mockups, but at the same time I need to be able to easily export (or already have exported) all the individual graphics as I only use affinity designer for making mockups.
  3. I'm using the export persona and the names don't update. I tried restarting the app as well.
  4. Is there a way to do boolean operations with grouped shapes? Right now, if I have a group of shapes that I want subtracted from a larger shape, I have to ungroup them and individually select all the shapes, then subtract them.
  5. I tried exporting using all the SVG options and still no symbols are being created in the SVG code.
  6. I'm using symbols in some art, and I've noticed that on export to SVG, instead of creating a symbol of the shape and using that symbol in all instances, it will just create a new shape for every symbol.
  7. I made a rectangle, 1280x500. Then I chose the artboard tooltip, make artboard from selection. The slice showed that 1 pixel had been added to the height upon export. I went back to see that the height was changed to 500.5. I fixed it by changing the height to 499, and the result was 500 pixels. I had a few other artboards that have this added pixel (sometimes width, sometimes height) upon export. How do I fix this?
  8. If I have multiple artboards, all with different sizes, how do I export all of them at 0.9x without having to adjust each and every slice's export options?
  9. When I use the artboard tool to select multiple artboards and reduce the size to where some artwork is clipped off in some artboards, everything in all the artboards will either disappear or scale/move to another location in the canvas. If I then select a single artboard and resize to any amount, the artwork still does not display. In order to fix it, I have to grab all the artboards again and fight with it until the artwork is back.
  10. Is it possible to create a new doc with a specified # of artboards, including spacing and # of columns? Also, how do I resize an artboard based on the dimensions of the selected artwork?
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