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  1. Thanks for your reply, A_B_C. There's definitely something wrong with my AD, or my system. I add two images to this post. The first one shows what happens when I just click and draw on the ruler, and in the second oneI also press ALT when clicking. In this second case, the appearing guide disappears once I release the ALT+click. Thanks.
  2. No way in my case! When I do so the window selection activates and no guide is added. I agree you that maybe guides should be in the lower layer of the picture. Thanks anyway!
  3. Hi there, you all!! Affinity Designer has became my main designing piece of software, but still there's a thing that I don't know how to do fluently, and that is setting guides in "live mode" (which mean not using the guide pop-up window). In many other pieces of software you just have to point to the ruler, click and drag to get a guide that you can put wherever you want. I've tried this method unsuccessfully, I'm afraid. I even tried combining this action with the pressing of some keys (command, shift, option ... ), unsuccessfully as well. Can anybody help me, please? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you very much for your kind comments! Illustration is my main goal, no matter the tools I use. Let's move to the next one.
  5. Hi everybody. Here goes my first image in AD, after years of using Inkscape. I miss many tools (...soon to come), but the software runs like a charm in my old macbook pro, and the ability to combine bitmap and vector drawing is just awesome!!!! The image was inspired after the whole christmas holidays spent installing lamps at my home. I hope you like it!.
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