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  1. fuffle

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Hope you win, gave you my vote
  2. Good to know it is logged Chris. :) Is there any action that can be taken in the meantime, atm I'm opening effected AD exports in AP and putting a 1px line around the image.
  3. fuffle

    Why are the GIF files of Designer so huge?

    The larger file is using 256 colours, the smaller one 16. I'd guess GraphicConverter automatically reduces colours, whereas with Designer it's up to you.
  4. Same as OP, getting that white flash, however I'm using a GTX770.
  5. Using AP Adding this filter and dragging a corner or two crashes the app. for me (the lower ones seem to hit the bug quicker). I cleared out the Photo folder in AppData and started fresh but it still crashes. There are no crash reports.
  6. fuffle

    New Layer

    1. This can be set in the Assistant, the toolbar icon to the right of the snap icons. 2. I don't think there is, you may want to suggest that in the appropriate forum.
  7. fuffle

    windows Aero

    See this topic https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29551-aero-not-activated-no-startup-15039/
  8. fuffle

    Crashes bad!!!

    You could try a reinstall again but remove the settings this time in %APPDATA%/Affinity/Designer before you install.
  9. I tried to buy the app but I couldn't complete the purchase using Firefox browser, it kept flaging up the credit card number input red. I used Chrome in the end and completed with no issues. Looking forward to see where you guys and girls take this app. :D

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