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  1. Thank you! Strangely, the standard "automatic" setting is inconsistent and difficult to use. And the other two options (both good) are not easy to understand simply reading the titles.
  2. I find very clumsy the way to scale objects and groups proportionally, dragging the angle dots. Because the two cases are very different. PROPORTIONAL To scale an object proportionally you must press Shift. To scale an object proportionally and relatively to its center you must press Shift + cmd To scale a group proportionally you must press nothing, dragging the angle dots is sufficient. To scale a group proportionally and relatively to its center you must press cmd ----------- FREE To scale an object freely you must press nothing To scale an object freely and relatively to its center you must press cmd To scale a group freely you must press Shift To scale a group freely and relatively to its center you must press Shift + cmd I think it's absolutely confusing and not coherent.
  3. No ideas? I still have random behaviors in the Styles window when I open Affinity Designer. Sometime I find the last set of Styles I saved, sometime not. Every time I have to re-import almost all the Styles set (my creations or shared by other users). There are other strange things (mostly resize levels) but I will write another message.
  4. The disappearing of the user styles at reopening happens with imported Styles (from other users who posted the files attached to some messages here) and with my own styles, created while working on a project. (...) I tried again Quit and Open AD. This time something changed in the Styles. Here is the situation before quitting, the red arrows are the Styles sets I made: After quit and re-open AD, some Styles sets are still there, but not all: The "Diego" set (my name) is not the last version with many more styles. It is the first version I made yesterday. Very strange.
  5. I work on a MacPro 2013, El Capitan. Affinity Designer and Photo (both updated to the last versions) are in the Application folder.
  6. Ok, but when I quit Affinity Designer and I re-open it all the imported styles disappear. And then I have to import them again. Not only, if I add a new Style in my user category, I have to save (export) it immediately because if I quit AD that new style is lost. Very annoying. I would like to keep the Styles in the Styles menu without reimporting them every time I open Affinity Designer.
  7. Hello, This is my first message here. I am trying to understand the behavior of the Styles. Every time I open Affinity Designer I found only the Default Styles and I have to re-import all the other custom styles (found in forums or made by me). I have found no way to "fix" the styles in the Styles menu, to have them permanently, without importing every time (very boring).
  8. First work with Affinity Designer and the first problems... 1- the missing "scale by %" feature (I wrote a message in the Feature request section). 2- the dpi of the imported JPG pictures. I have a JPG saved by Photoshop at 402 pixel/inch, and I need to keep that resolution and size. But when I import it into an Affinity project it becomes 300dpi, bigger than the original. I haven't find any preference to keep the original pictures dpi.
  9. Hello, i purchased Affinity Designer one week ago (the main reason was: it opens my old Freehand files!) and this morning I was trying to use it for my first work. But I immediately discovered that there is no Scale % option in the transform palette. I had to scale a picture in the background by 114,2% and I cannot. Please add this ESSENTIAL option! The FreeHand Transform palette:

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