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  1. Hi, The offer will be in App Store? I've Itunes Gift Card. Thanks.
  2. The software is good but in my MacBook Pro middle 2012 no run well, to slow and some crashes. It have 4GB RAM
  3. justdraw

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I noted that the las version beta of Af Photo run very slowly in my macbook pro middle 2012, i7, 2.3 ghz, 4 gb ram
  4. justdraw

    SLUG area

    One trick is put the bleed area larger in the document setup (remain 3 mm in the document) but make the crop lines manually.
  5. justdraw

    SLUG area

    The slug is important because you can put information that is impossible to modify in the information area such folding line or some specification.
  6. In the antique publication of Affinity website said that APublisher will be e pub options, I'm hope that it will be in the future.
  7. Hi, good but emojis donĀ“t work well on mac.
  8. justdraw

    Macro UI quirks

    Macros Palette no open in Mac_AF1.5
  9. justdraw

    960 grids with constraints for Designer 1.5

  10. justdraw

    Raw files

    I have a problem with RAW, images are too much bright or in overexposure, brighter than when I open in other programs or in the finder. Thanks.
  11. :wacko: I was creating an image with a photo that can occur once rose but only keep the red and gray make the rest but in doing so red is sectioned into parts and clearer the picture I put below. I use RAW format, Thanks.
  12. justdraw

    RAW noise reduction

    One year later... the same.