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  1. Hi designers, I have to export some designs I made in Affinity Designer in order to send them to one of my parteners. He uses Adobe Illustrator and he will furthermore do a bit of editing to the designs. In your experience, which is the best/safest format to export to in this case? Thanks!
  2. I want the offset path of the star to have sharp corners. You just cannot obtain that.
  3. Oh wow. Was not aware this is a thing within MacOS. Thought it was app relative. Ofc it worked.
  4. In all Affinity apps: Designer, Photo & Publisher. Happening on 3 different systems. Happens even on Mac with newly installed MacOS.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to order from the store and get back the VAT? I have an EU VAT No. thanks.
  6. thanks. @walt.farrell At least one of the two problems is solved. And as a bonus the fact that you can add/modify to the original shape is very neat. @TonyB looking forward to it.
  7. Hi, It's been almost three years since i posted this suggestion. I've found it in the old feedback & suggestions forum. So here it is again as a stronger request & as a much needed improvement: I'm talking about the Pencil Tool in Affinity Designer. 1. Is it possible to automatically close a path after you have drawn a...circle...let's say? So basically I'm asking AD to snap to closing the path for the Pencil tool. 2. When I use the pencil tool and stop drawing with my tablet there's a problem resuming the shape that i've already created. You just simply cannot contin
  8. Then why did you include a Photo persona within the Designer in the first place??? I own both Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo and it's a drag to go to Affinity Photo every time i need to do some basic clone brush work. I strongly agree with everybody who previously posted, this is a very simple photo editing operation and it should be included in the Photo persona of the Affinity Designer. EDIT: I noticed it's included now in Publisher with the LINK feature if you own both Designer & Photo. Why not at least include this feature in Affinity Designer if you own Affinity
  9. Hello My newly aquired Macbook Pro 15" 2018 (2,2Ghz) has some serious issues when running Affinity Designer. I am just drawing some basic circles with the Pencil tool and the laptop overheats like crazy and the fans start spinning like it's about to explode. CPU usage goes to surreal 800% / 500% / 350%... Does anyone else have this problem? thanks! here's a clip of cpu going to 850%. https://youtu.be/oKyeQci7JbE
  10. wow. that's unexpected. this option - talking about text on circle, not any path - is a basic digital graphics tool whether vector or raster and is available even in the most unchiseled design softwares...
  11. Looking for a way to place text on a patch, specifically on a circle outline in Affinity Photo. I've read some older posts that state that there's no such thing as Text on patch in AP but I want to double check this fact myself as text on a circle is the most basic text on patch option and it does not require complex pathing...
  12. I might have exagerrated when i said long text. It's not that long - it's within 1/3 page at 8 pts weight. It's just that i want to split it. Maybe the guys could add this in the future because it's useful for stuff like website design or advert design.
  13. I know how you can place an object into another in Affinity Designer from the layers panel. Can this be done via the menu or via a keyboard shortcut upon selecting the two objects? thanks!
  14. I love how in AD you can crop anything you place on a layout. But in AP when you use the crop tool you only get the option to crop the whole document. Is there any way to do the AD crop in AP? thanks!
  15. Can this be done? I'm pasting a long text into a text box but want make a 3 column layout thus i need it to be split into three separate text boxes. Right now i'm doing this the old fashioned way - manually by copying and pasting what doesn't fit in a text box to the other boxes... chers!
  16. Hi Affinity folks, Please implement the minimized right studio view which should only include icons (tabs) for each studio section and the option to expand to normal view and colapse to icon view. Thanks!
  17. Pleasseeee. I'm getting embarassed asking ppl with AI to help me.
  18. afffinityyyyy I f••••g need a roughen edges tool. stop making me having to ask ppl with AI to do that for me
  19. I think i'll just draw/copy the rough edges manually with the tablet. Then convert the stroke to basic one, expand it and Add the edges to this expanded shape.
  20. Yes, it's a stock textured brush from Affinity Desinger 1.5.
  21. Hello all, So I have to send the print file to the printing house and need an art brush stroke I created to be only 1 color. The brush preset has all sorts of tints and the printing house returned it and told me they need it 1 color only. I only need it for it's rough edges. I tried expanding the stroke so that I can fill it with only one color but that's not possible in AD. I made the stroke normal and expanded it but I cannot apply a roughen edges effect to it now because it does not exist. Please Affinity... Anyone have a workaround to my problem? ! Attached is a zoo
  22. great. looking forward to seeing them implemented. Also the Lock Guides feature is a very important feature that i would like to be available. cheers!
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