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  1. Can I add to this? Smart Keyboard backspace also returns a (null) The return key also just enters a new line, where I’d expect it to do the same as ‘OK’
  2. I’m not sure if this is the best place to post/request still, but i’m now trying to get work done on iPad, and not having any Hex pallet or way to enter a hex colour value is a real pain! If we can enter RGB values, please can we have hex on iPad too?
  3. Aha, ok - that explains it then. I'll stop looking for an option now ;)
  4. Hey Lee D, thanks! I was referring to some of the downloadable content from the Workbook i.e. 'tix1_ui_final'. The whole document is locked, I'm assuming to prevent these being used outside of the tutorials. My question is really; is that the intended purpose, and is it possible for us to lock documents in the same way as I can't see any UI command to do so.
  5. Hey all, Firstly I'm loving the Workbook - currently making my way through to familiarise myself with AD. One thing I've noticed and is a little annoying if I want to play with some of the files is that some of the downloadable resources are 'locked'. I can't see any way to unlock the document, or for that matter lock one. Is this intended, or am I simply missing a glaringly obvious 'protect document' option somewhere?
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