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  1. without play with snapping.( ever time have to change grid ?) is there option for locking decimal points mathematical increment by n, odd, even, with decimal pt . without decimal points . for both ( x,y / w,h )
  2. AD for mac 1.5.5- rgb 32 HDR Export to jpg image Getting patches ? is there any option to solve now . send you source if need.
  3. First 2 attachment for diagonal band to poor noice @carl123 and second 3 attachments for reference for @meb last one shown the bands of patches
  4. @meb tried all rgb 8 /16 / 32 hdr (too bright) but all vertical bands are still remains :( send any smooth gradient sample with correct setting for mac . i will check
  5. @carl123 after changing to dither patches of vertical bands to poor grains (noice!)
  6. i am new user using Affinity Designer 1.5.4 for mac lot of vertical patches of line ? not getting smooth gradient ? zoom and check the attachments gradient.afdesign