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  1. Many thanks MEB for your quick reply Lewis
  2. Hi MEB Thanks for your reply it has downloaded the software but won't allow it to be used.I am saving for an Ipad pro to buy in the new year I assume if I keep it until I buy the new iPad I will be able to transfer it to that Thanks Lewis
  3. Not in the App Store i don't use iTunes
  4. Only wish it was compatible with iPad Air even though it says it is was disappointed when I couldn’t open and it come up with uncompatible I guess if I keep it when I buy my iPad Pro that I’m saving up for I can transfer to that and it will work
  5. lewis heald


    It shows it is compatible in the App Store but when you click on the icon it tells you it isn’t compatible
  6. lewis heald


    I have just bought affinity photo on the App Store and it said it was compatible with my iPad Air when I tried to open it said it wasn’t compatible will I be able to transfer if I buy an iPad Pro I am saving for
  7. lewis heald

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    i have ordered mine waiting for the post every day now looks good