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  1. is there a way to transfer my licence of Publisher from the Serif store to one from the Apple Store? i recently (and early) bought Publisher from the site thinking it was going to be "cheaper" only to fun out that the version on the apple store is ALSO 20% off... : ( yes i'm aware of the 5 complementary fonts ... anyhow my question is how to have my copy of publisher app been updated in the future from the apple store instead from the Serif Store
  2. hi there, is there a way to "force" AffinityPhotoBeta to recognize my version of AP from the apple store? Just keep asking for a"retail" version. thanks a. PS: i have re-download the apple store version (AP 1.3.5) and the beta from the Affinity site. Same results!
  3. hi there, is there a way to (in the present version of the Affinity beta) to fill a shape (circle or square) with an image rather than a color or gradient?. i've look to no avail. thanks a.