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  1. Yeah, it shows correctly in the info dialog. I’ve just figured out what’s happening. They are showing as embedded in resource manager rather than linked. I am able to recreate the error: - Drag my Adobe RGB PNG into the picture frame - Open resource manager - Select the image then clicked Replace - Select my sRGB JPEG and click OK - It then shows as an embedded JPEG with Adobe RGB colour space. Just tried again post .192 update and still happens.
  2. I opened an Adobe RGB PNG in Photo and exported as an sRGB JPEG, then used resource manager to replace the PNG with the JPEG
  3. I've noticed that after changing some images in my document from Adobe RGB to sRGB, the Resource Manager still shows them as being Adobe RGB? Loving Publisher so far!!
  4. If I'm using a brush like tool such as the brush or eraser. Whenever I get a macOS notification (such as when a new song starts playing), the circle cursor changes back to a standard pointer. Very annoying. You then have to click the brush tool again to get the circle back. It then also happens again when the notification dismisses! See attached video. macOS 10.12.1 Affinity Photo 1.4.3 Brush Bug.mov
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