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  1. Hi, I would like to know how these templates are made: https://stevenwestmoreland.com/2017/07/ios-app-icon-template-for-affinity-designer.html The word template here usually refers to Affinity designer template files so when I try to research the topic I can't find any help. How is it possible to edit one main image that is then mirror on multiple copies of it, as seen on this template file.
  2. I just had this same problem but the solution above didn't work because my slices are embedded files. It turns out that the image's fractional positioning caused the problem. For example if your image (50x50px) is positioned in (y:100.6 x:50) the slice will be 51x51. You won't be able to align the slice square onto your image. I don't know if this is a bug or my lack of knowledge. I'm not using strokes, so the alignment isn't a problem. I hope this helps anyone with this problem. Update: I encountered a problem with an image of size 83.5x83.5 The slice size cannot have decimal points, I even changed it manually. Does anyone have any advice ? For now I'll try exporting this manually.
  3. Thank you, sorry I don't now the correct terminology. The link that I posted was basically a file that shows an app icon in multiple sizes. You can edit an embedded file and it will be applied to all the various sized icons. The file also makes exporting all the various sizes simple. I wanted to learn more about how to set up a file like that. Thank you
  4. Sorry if this was already posted, I want to learn more about embedded documents and how to create template files. The Amazon page doesn't show the chapters, is this topic covered in the book ? Thank you
  5. Thank you, I'm new to design, how is this document supposed to be used ? Currently I'm exporting the files on the slices panel one at a time. I'm editing the image by editing the Embedded image. Thanks again, I'm using this to design the app icon for a game that I created. It's very useful for beginners like me.
  6. Hello, I noticed that transparent objects cannot be selected with the move tool. Although once you select the object in the layers panel it becomes movable. I don't quite understand the logic here, is this default behavior ? Thank you, Ivan
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