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  1. or if your mouse is "Magic" and doesn't have so many buttons :-))
  2. Is it possible or not yet? I mean copy text attributes onto another text frame?
  3. As I said - I need to get use to the fact that images can exists with no frame or the text can live outside text frame. Hard to drop 20-year old habits in one day
  4. I know there's couple of ways to import the image but the most straightforward for me would be to import into frame and scale frame independently from the image. The crop tool actually crops both the image and the frame so it's not really a solution - it's more a clipping mask then a crop - you can crop a text frame with it and it would "hide" cropped portion. It's a different approach, not sure if better - just need to get use to it, I guess.
  5. I've been testing the app since the first beta, bought it as soon as it became available but there are still couple of things I would like improved: Using Hand tool while inside text frame? ID allows the hand to be active with ALT key, because you cannot obviously use H or Space bar while inside text frame The scope of the F&R panel? Is it full document by default, currently selected frame etc? Picture frames - this one is really confusing for long time InDesign user. You can import an image without picture frame - but you cannot crop it - it will resize as you resize handles. You can place image inside picture frame but it will scale along with the frame by default. Anybody who uses ID will use modifier key(s) to resize both frame and photo, but the default action is just cropping the photo inside the frame without changing it size. You can do it if you double click on the image inside and do some transformations. Then the photo does not scale nor moves along with the frame. I remember when ID version 1 came out - it was nowhere close the features we've received yesterday so I'm really looking forward the future of Affinity apps and will definitely support further development. I've seen other people mentioned features such as footnotes, mail merge, span columns - I'd sign my name on those as well and we will probably get then at some stage. It would be nice to get everything at the start but we to show some patience I guess.
  6. This is the last thing that holds me from switching from Illustrator. Ability to transform the extra fills and strokes independently. I do a lot of text banners, logos for print and it's very handy to create fake 3d effects, using Adobe's appearance with transform effect. Please add this to your 1.8 to-do list.
  7. HI, Like most of the users I'm coming from Photoshop and I'd love to have the crop tool to keep the setting between the documents. I'm cropping a large bunch of file for a website and they all need to be a square (1:1), so each time I open a photo I have to hit C to select crop tool, then pick the preset, crop (holding Shift doesn't constrain the movement), save, close. PS keeps the crop tools active, its preset so far less clicks then AP... Am I missing something or that's the current workflow? R.
  8. Not sure what it would do, maybe someday I'll get it :-))) Cheers, R.
  9. Exactly what i was looking for, thnx. On the other hand, what does "Clip Canvas" do? I though it removes transparent areas from the edges but I did nothing for me when I triggered the command. Do I have to select anything before or what... Thnx R.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a quick method to resize my doc in Photo app to the size of all my layers, where some parts may be outside the canvas. Some other more expensive and much slower competitor calls it "Reveal All" :-)))) Cheers, R.
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