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  1. I've always had visual glitches with Affinity apps (full screen or not), when resizing the window, when moving objects around screen, when panning the canvas (see link). Whenever I'm back in Adobe apps I'm reminded just how buttery smooth they are in comparison. I used to think it was my old 2015 13" MBP not keeping up, but I recently upgraded to a 2020 13" MBP with 32GB RAM and I still have the same visual glitches.
  2. Any chance we could move 'Copy items as SVG' from Preferences > General which always copies items as SVG (a behaviour that isn't always desired) to a menu item such as 'Edit > Copy as… {SVG, PDF, PNG, CSS, etc}' which could allow for a number of clipboard formats? Not having to go back and forth between the preferences to toggle SVG clipboard support would be really helpful, as would the ability to copy items as different formats (CSS comes to mind, but also vector PDF or transparent PNG) while working in the editor would make a massive difference to my workflow(s).
  3. Ideally, I'd like to be able to specify both #IDs and .classes. Classes for items that repeat and share the same styles (ie: .button, .active, .highlight, .disabled, .etc) and IDs for single, unique objects or groups that I want to reference by name (ie: #logo, #continue, #exit, etc). Perhaps these naming conventions could be declared in the layer name (using either a '#' for IDs and a '.' for classes) or through some other convention? Also, being able to have styles written to a style tag within the document rather than inline would be most welcome. I'm doing more and more with SVG these days and having to repeatedly rip apart SVG docs by hand to enable better styling, interactivity, etc is becoming rather old. Bonus points for round-tripping SVGs AND NOT re-writing the entire structure of the document.
  4. @SPaceBar oddly, I do have 'Default Save Location' set to 'iCloud Drive' but nothing every shows up in these folders, and it always appears to only be on my iPad, and if I 'Close' them I loose them forever (I learned that the hard way). If I save them it appears to save a copy to iCloud, but if I edit that file on the desktop and resave it the changes are not reflected within Designer. I have to go and re-open it from the cloud to load the changes. It's all feels a bit clunky.
  5. I also use all three apps, but in iCloud all I have is an Affinity Designer folder with the icon for Affinity Photo (see screenshots attached).
  6. +1 to this… I’m amazed after all this time it still isn’t there.
  7. Just adding a +1 here as this is a feature I've LONG wanted in InDesign, and would love to see in Publisher.
  8. While I'd really like to see GREAT ePub support in Publisher, I've had to look for other options in the interim. Depending on your epub requirements Vellum (https://vellum.pub macOS only) might be an viable option. It's really tailored towards flowing pubs, typically novels, fiction, non-fiction - stuff that doesn't require tons of formatting and minimal media support (ePub tends to be quite limited in this manner regardless). My biggest complaint with it is that it doesn't provide much in the way of design options - essentially a handful of styles and fonts, with no way to add your own. That said, it's quite easy to work with, and publishes to all common ebook formats as well as print ready PDFs.
  9. +1 on this feature request—bumping my previous similar request for an "option to NOT crop on rasterise".
  10. It would be really nice/helpful to be able to copy/paste graphics, elements, etc from Affinity Designer (and Photo) and paste them into other iPad apps (Linea, Procreate, etc) in the same way that you can copy/paste clippings, layers, etc from those apps into Affinity Designer (and Photo) on the iPad. Currently other apps tend not to recognise anything from Affinity apps on the clipboard.
  11. I really like the idea of being able to design via 'script', with apps such as DrawBot, OmniGraffle and Glyphs all providing designers this functionality in varying degrees today. It's also worth looking at 'visual scripting' tools such as Patternodes, Unity Shader Graph and QuartzComposer which provide much the same functionality in a more visual interface (not everybody likes working directly in text/code). Also see this thread on 'parametric tools'.
  12. Any chance it might be possible to provide an option NOT to crop a layer when rasterising it? Often I find I'll bring in an image that I want to work with at a larger size and as soon as I rasterise it it's cropped to the size of the canvas. This is particularly useful when creating elements to be used in motion graphics, or simply creating a 'mood board' of elements to be used in other documents.
  13. Having Affinity Designer export Apple Motion shape files (.molo or .motn) would be a nice complement to the current export as Final Cut Pro/Motion compatible PSD option. Of course you can bring PDF files into Motion, but you loose the ability to work directly with the geometry. Bumping this similar conversation from last year.
  14. Hi Chris, I have no idea what format Glyphs is expecting, but I'm assuming PDF and/or SVG on the clipboard. It's obviously recognizing the data, but appears to be misinterpreting the path directly after the origin node. I've cross-posted this to the Glyphs forum just-in-case anyone there can shed some more light on this issue.
  15. I keep running into a strange (and annoying) problem when copy/pasting objects from Designer to Glyphs in that some geometry is lost in translation from Designer to Glyphs (see attached image, files.zip also provided). If I export to SVG and then import into Glyphs everything is fine (but this makes the process much more laborious), as is also the case when I convert the origin node to a smooth curve, etc. If I simply leave the origin node as is it appears that the node immediately after the origin node is omitted on copy/paste. I'm not sure if this is a Designer issue or Glyphs issue, but I thought I'd start here as I only have this problem when copy/pasting geometry from Designer. files.zip
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