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  1. I actually get a VERY tiny SVG (1pt x 1pt) image pasted into Figma from Designer (on macOS using Copy As SVG or an SVG exported from Designer), which I then have to figure out how to scale up to normal size (incl. strokes). I didn't think it was working at all for the longest time, but just the other day I noticed that it was indeed pasting 'something' into Figma, just completely the wrong scale. Also, quite often the artwork you've copied is way off from the frame that's created for it - meaning you can't see it as it's outside the frame. If you move the group outside of the frame you should be able to see it (still very, very tiny) in order to scale it up. It's not an ideal workflow by any means, but IF you absolutely need to get SVG from Affinity into Figma either via copy/paste or from an SVG exported from Designer it kinda sorta works.
  2. And 80% of the app size (~2GB) appears to be the exact same frameworks (liblibaffinity.dylib, liblibbmp.dylib, etc) in each app.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that this effect will always be rasterized (converted to pixels) when exported to vector formats such as SVG, PDF, etc.
  4. Hi Sean, I'm running macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 on an early 2020 MBP 13" i7 32GB. Yeah, last time I checked it was still an issue in the latest beta, but I don't use/test it much as I don't want to risk my working files in it. Whenever I'm working in 1.9 with text I keep finding more 'oddities'. Much of it seems to be related to old character and paragraph settings/fonts/etc being carried over into new elements. Also, the longer I work with text elements in Designer 1.9 (haven't tested in the other apps) the slower/more janky the app seems to get, and the more oddities start to surface (until I close the app and restart).
  5. Bump. I group colours (and patterns) in order to better manage them depending on their uses (highlights, shadows, brand A, brand B, etc). Ideally, I'd also love to be able to name/group bushes and styles per document and/or application so that I could manage all of the various elements as a whole.
  6. Yes I know it's there, but I don't ALWAYS want to copy items as SVG. And having to ALWAYS go back to the preferences to turn that on and off is madness, and completely kills any 'flow'. As much as I enjoy aspects of using Affinity apps, it's workflow issues such as these (also see: awkward artboards/layers model, no real vector brushes, no vector pattern fills, no ability to simplify geometry, no plug-ins, etc) that ALWAYS drive me back to other established tools.
  7. The only way I've found to get back to the regular, solid (vector) line using the brush tool was to close and re-open Affinity Designer. When I want to work with uniform, solid, vector hand drawn lines I resort to the pencil tool instead of the brush. While it has it's own set of issues (it still won't auto close a shape, you can vary the width in a single line, etc) I've found it to be easier/more reliable to work with than the brush tool.
  8. This is something that's been requested a few times already - hopefully Serif might prioritize this in the near future as I suspect it would make a big difference as a big 'quality of life/workflow' improvement to lots of users. Many apps simply adopt a File > Copy As… > {PNG, SVG, PDF, CSS, etc} approach which tends to work well, and enables a variety of file formats in addition to code.
  9. The beta is definitely an improvement. There's still a slight lag, but it's not as frustrating.
  10. Interestingly this issue only seems to impact performance on my Mac (2020 MPB i7, 32GB), as Designer on my iPad Pro runs buttery smooth. UPDATE: It seems v1.9.1.1 will resolve this issue as performance is MUCH better than 1.9.
  11. Hi Sean, I do typically have the paragraph and character panel visible when I'm working with text. Closing the paragraph panel seemed to make a slight improvement, but it definitely didn't resolve it. I've attached a quick screen recording demonstrating it. You'll notice the cursor appears to struggle to keep up (I'm not that fast a typist), and there is a definite lag holding down a repeating key (cursor, delete, etc). Typing in any other app (Pages, DevonThink, Scrivener, Pixelmator, etc) is very responsive and unremarkable. I only notice in Designer (Photos and Publisher also exhibit the same behaviour upon my Mac, but text entry on the iPad is smooth/buttery). I'll give the beta a try later today. text-editing-lag.mp4
  12. Aha, so I wasn't loosing my mind! Thanks @SeanP and @Gear maker !
  13. Huh, I never work in millimetres so I'm not sure how I would have managed that. I've been having to keep switching it to pixels. I guess I just happen to work in a way that falls out of the intended design. I seem to have it on pixels now, hopefully it stays. Thanks!
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