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  1. Ah, ok - nice to know. Thank you and good luck with that. Timm
  2. I don't use any pixel selection, but yes I have a few files open as usual. I'm working with lots of transparency - near 100% of my artworks have transparent colors applied. But I think that should increase GPU usage not CPU usage. Anyhow, if Designer is minimized and has nothing to draw.it should free ressources. A 64bit app running on 16 Cores with 32GB of Ram should handle this with a smile. Thank's Timm
  3. I've uploaded the file I was working on (yet unpublished work). But have to say I normally work with 2 -3 of these files openend to copy things araound. Thank's Timm
  4. Hi there and a happy new year, if Designer runs in background it should not be greedy on CPU. In the attached screenshot designer is on all 16 Cores eating a lot of CPU cycles (the 16 lower ones are hyperthreaded fake cores, they don't count). This is a continuous behavior, also when Designer is sitting in the background doing nothing. :-( I need my cores back if designer goes to background, there is a reason why I have 16 cores, and doing a relaunge will take very long because I'm workig on really complex files. Current Version, no beta. Thank you, Timm
  5. Mh, yes I checked this first, but it doesn't help much. The current icon view does crop names at front and at the end - this gets to be confusing really fast if you work with countless numbers of styles. The filter at the bottom of the styles panel helps a little. But any tip on getting the list neatly arranged and overseeable would be much appreciated.
  6. In technical documentation you often work with a really huge, but somehow structured list of styles. For such documents a visiual representation of the style isn't neccessary, in fact naming does count and cropping names to fit the icon grid is (in meaning of structured work) a bad thing. So, my question is: Can the style panel be viewed as list and alphabetically sorted like the color panel does with swatches or palettes? Or did I just missed a hidden knob? BTW: Sorting in the color panel isn't interactive or live! If you clone or create a color and rename it, the color do stay at cloned or created position - even if the tick by sort alphabetically is set. You have to switch the sort method to color and then back to alphabetically. This is annoying.
  7. Hello, mh, why does Affinity Photo try to connect to doubleclick.net and google Analyics? What information is shared with doubleclick.net? Can this be disabled? Thank you, Timm
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