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  1. It´s good to know that I´m not crazy and my eyes are fine (with glasses) ,-D So this is an Aff. Photo Issue. Will it be solved in a future update? Please. Thanks a lot MEB .-)
  2. I use ProPhoto colour space (ROM RGB: ISO 22028-2:2013 in Aff. Photo). Anyone knows if NIK uses it too or where to choose it? Thanks.
  3. Hello friends. Thank you for your messages. I´m not talking about crops. I use all the NIK package. While using (as an example) Color Efex Pro, I make adjustments, efects, etc; but when I click Apply the result isn´t that strong and just like what I was seeing in the NIK window. Could be a perception "problem"? Viewing a 22MP portrait image at 25% zoom to fit on screen (NIK) is smaller that the same image at 25% zoom in Photo (appears bigger and not fit on screen).
  4. Hello, I´m using the NIK plug-ins with Aff. Photo. While I´m editing using the NIK interface the image rendering and general aspect is one. After that when I apply the adjustments to my images, the result is almost always a bit different when viewed again in the Aff. Photo Interface. Usually the adjustments are less stronger and less visible at the end. Anyone with the same perception and results? Thank you.
  5. X-) Blind. Thank you MEB (Yoda) ,-D
  6. I also want to "Replace an image" but I cannot find that feature ,-( The Affinity Designer help says "select an image>context menu>replace image". What "context menu"? Thanks
  7. Hi MEB, thank you very much. Thats what I need. Lets hope for the ruler´s origin point in the future; its very helpful. Have a nice day .-)
  8. Hi ,-) Draw Persona/Working with geometric forms. Is there a way to read forms measurements (ex: a square) ? Also is there a way to scale up and scale down object based on their measurements or percentages (1/2, 1/3, etc)? One more .-) Is it possible to drag the zero (0) axis of the rulers to a point of choice in my document (ex: a corner of an object)? Thanks.
  9. Great ,-) Thank you.
  10. Hi MEB; thank you. I can cmd+drag an artboard 1 to replicate it. It includes everything (also guides). Is there a problem if I end up with several artboards named "artboard 1"? For export purposes, pdf, etc?
  11. Hi, I usually insert a new artboard and do copy/paste the work from one artboard to the next, to keep artboard in order. How can I copy also my guides with the work? Thanks.
  12. Thank you for your suggestion. I just want to make photobooks. Very simple projects. Lightroom book module would do; but I gave up on Adobe last year .-)
  13. Affinity Publisher: any news? .-( 2017?