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  1. Thank you for all the replies by the way! : ) If erase is a type of blend mode and will result in rasterization, is there a way to use two objects (one as a base, one to erase) and then "flatten" the end result to a curve? This would just make drawing a little easier instead of using the pen tool to make everything from scratch to prevent rasterization.
  2. There is nothing under the "Effects" tab on any element. I am simply using the erase display mode to expose the transparent background.
  3. Hello, I have a drawing that has all vectors. There are no raster/pixel elements whatsoever, and every assistive shape that Designer has to offer has been converted to curves. Literally everything is curves and I still can't export to a PDF without it rasterizing. According to a graphics designer whose been working with this stuff for 20 years knows that PDFs can preserve vector elements, so he needed my graphics for laser-engraving a piece of wood, and he uses Adobe Illustrator. We tried .eps, .psd, .pdf, and .svg, and all were rasterized on export. From what I've read, Affinity Designer's export module just doesn't seem to cut it in the production world and is half-baked compared to Adobe's. It appears buggy and cannot consistently output vectors, if you can even achieve that at all. Why is this? Every time we opened the file on his program, certain parts of my document were rasterized for no reason. To solve this, he had to use the "image trace" feature to vectorize my raster export that should have been infinitely precise curves on export to begin with. Why does a vector application not export vectors without rasterizing them? That's like Logic Pro X not being able to export to a .wav file! Any help is appreciated.
  4. Hello, When I wake my computer from its sleep and the app is left open, titles are sometimes covered by black squares. See the screenshot below (I covered up some sensitive information, just so you know what the grey areas are). This has happened three times as of this post. Thank you! -Alan
  5. Hello, I am trying to make a reflection of an object by duplicating the object then flipping it upside down, and finally putting a haze over it. The issue arises when I try to cover the entire shape with a rectangle for the haze, it never contains the whole thing even though I aligned it with the edges of the group box. Why does it never fully contain the objects that define the maximum size of the group box? See the image below. Thank you for your time and help, Alan
  6. Hello, I am changing my document that I've been working on from the "Press" document type at 1440px by 900px to "Press" with the unit changed to inches, with an 11in width and 8in height. Once I do the conversion though, I get a strange purple square that covers by artwork around the perimeter of the document space, even in exported files. Any idea where this coming from? Thank you for the help! -Alan

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