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  1. I totally agree with you. All is grey… A bit of color is welcome.
  2. A question about the price : Is there two different prices : one for the first purchase and one for updating v1 > v2 ?
  3. Unfortunately, they have implemented a Shape builder tool instead a Blend shape tool. Today, with AD 2.0 it's always impossible to do what a Blend shape tool can do.
  4. A little disappointed about Designer. I hoped more… A lot of users asked for a shape builder tool. Never use it with Illustrator but we can do the same with the pathfinder. We spend maybe a little more time but we can achieve the result. A Blend shape tool would be more useful. No vector pattern and no DXF export too. One more thing : Only for Mac OS 10.15+. Not yet for me…
  5. - I need a new computer. - Wait, new processors will be arrive - Ok, I'm waiting… Several months later - I really need a new computer - Wait again because next year, it will be better ! - Ok I'm waiting -------------------------------------- - We need to launch affinity 2.0 - Wait, I will add another new tool/function - Ok, we're waiting Several months later - We really need to launch affinity 2.0 - Wait because next year, there will be a bunch of new tools/functions - Ok, we're waiting --------------------------------------- Conclusion : I prefer to see Affinity 2.0 now with 2 or 3 new tools/functions rather waiting one year with 5 new tools/functions. Affinity 1 has been updated step by step. A lot of things have been done between AD 1.2 and AD 1.10. I know that consumers will say "I will buy 2.0 only if new features are significant" but you must reassure them telling that a lot of things will arrive next months.
  6. - vectorizing pictures - vector patterns (actually pixel patterns) - duplicate along path I would like to see this function in a "container" Object Duplicate > numbers of copies or length between each copy / start / end - path - object - gradient between curves - deformers - noise for gradient (actually only one limited noise) - spiral tool - perspective grids with vanishing point - measurement tool - more fields when you do a dotted line (only 4 when sometimes you need 6). I have to use the Appearance panel. - 3D tool (extrusion) but the most important : - new cat objects
  7. "The inclusion of support for DWG / DXF has come from that engagement and import / export is currently under test." https://aecmag.com/technology/serif-affinity-for-aec-firms/ Good point !
  8. A bug here about this. Perfect result with Illustrator… bug pathfinder reunion.afdesign
  9. Shape is not linear, we have step at every node. spline bug.afdesign
  10. Each time I want to open a PDF, I've missing fonts. Aphoto is unable to pixelate the fonts, it replaces fonts by other ones. The only solution is to open PDF in Photoshop. Is there a solution without Photoshop ? I can open PDF files and make a copy screen but it's a poor solution.
  11. These days, I've experimented Pantone colors. It's very confusing. I agree with all that has been written.
  12. I have resolved my problem. Two pages are now one page and numbers are ok. After changing the format, little troubles : thumbnails of pages are wrong but if you click on each, it becomes ok. There were lettrines at the beginning of every chapter and they have disappeared but when clicking on text and add a letter, they reappeared.
  13. 300 pages for this document… I'm stupid. I'd better to make only one page instead two pages…
  14. About beta, I was thinking that betas (the last was were more recent than official release (1.9.0). We consider that the official 1.9.0 is like but by simplicity we call it 1.9.0. It's clear for me now.
  15. Let me understand : If I want to use beta, I must re-buy the softwares with your store ? If it's right, I've never seen that anywhere !
  16. Another little thing I've noticed about the UI of this new release. Is it normal ? In previous releases or betas, it's bigger.
  17. You're right : It only happens with lines. About betas, all my 3 affinity software are registred (the little green silhouette top right) but only one has been bought with your store. Key product is easy to find with your store but with Apple AppStore, I have the software installed without asking me anything (no key product…). Restarting my computer has no effect, Affinity ask me for my key product…
  18. Changing 0 has no effect with the object coordinates. AD is as 0 has never moved. For me, it's a drama because I use it a lot for symmetry. PS : I've sent you an email (contact@…) because since I've installed this new release, I can't use beta (bought with Apple AppStore).
  19. VS is the perfect companion for AD. Things that you can't do now in AD can be done in VS. I consider VS as a plugin for AD. At least, I prefer AD because in my job, I mix vectors and pixels and AD is perfect for that. AI and VS are rather "vectors only". And AD is a solid rock software.
  20. I want it too. I'm still using AI for that… I do a lot of dxf files for laser cutting.
  21. Half of my screen are panels, so I don't want another panel but I agree it's a solution.
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