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  1. Yes if you just open the PNG, then you export as TIFF (default settings for example) then you open the PNG and the TIFF up in Apple Preview and you will see the alpha handling is very different. Making the TIFF not usable. Doing same in Photoshop or most other tools does not result in the alpha channel getting bad around the edges. Thanks Björn
  2. I think TIFF export is broken If opening PNG with transparency and then exporting it as TIFF with affinity the result is very very bad most of the time. When using other Applications on same PNG the result is good, the TIFF looks same as the original PNG (at least with the naked eye) calendar96.tiff
  3. Inno setup, is one of them they can only take BMP (since that is the native Picture format on Windows). I am software developer and use the Affinity Photo to make the Inno setup page screens. (among other things). (Though PNG is getting to be the standard in most development but not all)
  4. I am stuck on this as well, having to resort to other tools to generate the BMP. Many things still require files in BMP format which cannot be avoided.
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