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  1. * Standard Disclaimer/Apology if this is a 'Me Too' request * I work with plan and design based PDFs and I use AD to manipulate objects within the PDF file. Sometimes I get A1 or A0 size designs spread across multiple A4 pages in a single PDF file and I would like AD to automate laying them out in a grid within a single page of a document. For example, 10 page PDF in A4 format making up a design 5 pages wide by 2 pages tall. Each page has a 10mm border all round. I want to be able to tell AD that the layout is 5 x 2 with a 10mm overlap and hey presto! its done. (I could imagine the same functionality being useful for a folder full of photos) Mark
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    My name is Mark, I am a Mac user based in the UK. Meaning no disrespect to Affinity Designer, my purchase was very much based on wanting a One Trick Pony. I need to be able to move, copy, duplicate and reorganise objects in PDF documents (designs not text based) and AD was my choice. I had been using a much more specialised tool but the development is slow and the app is buggy so I have had to bid a fond farewell to that old friend. I tried the Death by a Thousand Cuts that is Acrobat and Illustrator then found AD. If I end up using even 5% of its functionality I would be surprised but that is life.