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  1. adirondackmoose

    Node Tool

    Thanks everyone for the help. This was the step I was missing, selecting the shapes FIRST, then the nodes. Wasn't intuitive, as illustrator does the node selection with a marquee select only, the shapes (or curves) don't have to be selected first.
  2. adirondackmoose

    Node Tool

    Is there no way to, say lasso-select them? These points are on top of each other, so I'd only get the top-most point if I double-click at that location.
  3. In adobe illustrator, their equivalent version of the 'node' tool allows me to select nodes of multiple elements and move them together. In Affinity Designer, I can select multiple elements and try to use the 'node' tools to move a point, but only one of the points (probably the last selected one) moves. Since everything in AD is a layer (what is the logic behind this, btw?), is this operation only allowed on one object at a time? Am I missing something?