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    ggt667 reacted to v_kyr in I'm on a Mac I have my own DAM( Digital Assets Management ) tool   
    Well generic things like ...
    NSWorkspace.shared.openFile("/Myfiles/myfile.jpg", withApplication: "Affinity Photo") ... for launching the Affinity app from an own app and passing over a file as argument should work , since it's nothing Affinity specific here. - For other (maybe) accessible services it's difficult to tell what might be already there to reuse or not, since nothing is documented or ever propagated. AFAIK there is no real programmers API or the like available. Also the CLI access is limited to just open as args passed over files in single windows. I doubt other things like batch processing, stacking etc. are somehow made available via services here.
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    ggt667 got a reaction from radimkacer in I'm on a Mac I have my own DAM( Digital Assets Management ) tool   
    I would like to be able to make the selection of n images in the DAM( Think Aperture as a cataloging tool, but no editing, ) and would like to add a function there to open the current selection of images as *[ a stack ] in Affinity Photo.
    Can I call Affinity remote?
    Where the content of *[ ] could be anything that would benefit the user, such as:
    [ append selection to frontmost workspace ]
    [ open selected files individually ]
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    ggt667 got a reaction from radimkacer in Maxwell Studio/Render says Connectivity POSTPRODUCION -> Photoshop   
    Maxwell Studio/Render says Connectivity POSTPRODUCION -> Photoshop
    Any plans for there to also say Affinity Photo?
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    ggt667 reacted to radimkacer in Merging layers without cropping   
    How can I keep composition if I enlarge the canvas?
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    ggt667 reacted to anon2 in Merging layers without cropping   
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    ggt667 reacted to walt.farrell in Merging layers without cropping   
    Why would one want layers (whether merged or not) that are larger than the document size?
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    ggt667 reacted to radimkacer in Merging layers without cropping   
    Is there an option how to merge selected layers and don't crop them to document size? (Desktop Mac, same is for iPad)
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    ggt667 reacted to Wim Daniels in How can I dig into the stack of layers? I mean choose an object that is n layers behind the front one.   
    Hey, it turns out that in 1.5 it almost works as expected. The alt/option key will select objects below the one currently selected. Using shift will add to your current selection. Really nice in most situations!
    Alas when subsequently trying to add more objects to the selection, the top object will become deselected. I'm afraid this is a bug. The alt/option key should always select objects below the selection, not on top. This way one can only select 3 objects at most. And it takes much longer than it should.
    A neat trick I learned in this video though, is that you can use cmd/ctrl to select elements in groups or compounds. Moreover this works with shift as well, making it possible to select elements in different groups/compounds.
    It should be possible to combine this with the alt/option key. But due to the bug, it won't work well.
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    ggt667 reacted to MEB in LEGACY: Official Affinity Designer Video Tutorials (70+)   
    Hi ggt667,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    To add and delete nodes: click on a curve with the Node Tool to add nodes; select them with the Node Tool and press delete on your keyboard to remove them.
    1. Press Pixel view mode or Retina pixel view mode icons on the main toolbar or go to menu View ▸ View Mode ▸ Pixels or Pixels (Retina).
    2a. With the Node Tool selected click the node you want to "break" then go to the context toobar and press Break Curve icon from the Action section. Do the same for another node in the same curve and you end up with two independent open paths.
    2b. With the Node Tool, select both curves and press Join Curves (note this will join the closest end node of each curve) from the Action section in the context toolbar, then press Close Curves to close the other gap. If you want more control over this, you can also drag an end node from one curve over another end node from the other, then press Join Curves from the Action section in the context toolbar. Make sure you have snap enabled to ensure a correct join.
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