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  1. I would like to be able to tether to Affinity Photo from iPad Pro and MacOS X, please add, I have a Nikon D750.
  2. I have a Nikon D750 with https://www.tethertools.com/product/tetherpro-usb-2-0-a-male-to-mini-b-8-pin/
  3. I do prefer to use NSWorkspace or link protocols; such as ```affinity-photo```, perhaps protocols could be added like: ```affinity-photo-stack``` ```affinity-photo-develop``` ```affinity-photo-export``` ```affinity-photo-appendSelectionToFrontmostWorkspaceAsLayers``` ```affinity-photo-and``` ```affinity-photo-so``` ```affinity-photo-on```
  4. Good, that is not an issue, how can I say that this selection should be a stack? There must be something like: or or similar Not sure what `affinity-photo://` does.
  5. There are no issues opening 1 - one file, the issue is that I would like to open a selection in context. I assume this will require som AppleEvents or parameters on the Affinity Photo side of things.
  6. You are pointing out the obvious seen from a pre-press point of view; however who knows if where the images were cropped is the part you need going forward?
  7. I would like to be able to make the selection of n images in the DAM( Think Aperture as a cataloging tool, but no editing, ) and would like to add a function there to open the current selection of images as *[ a stack ] in Affinity Photo. How? Can I call Affinity remote? Where the content of *[ ] could be anything that would benefit the user, such as: [ append selection to frontmost workspace ] [ open selected files individually ]
  8. For better or worse this approach lacks the naming of each artboard item; I would really like to see the artboard item name in the gutter of the image, like on the screen. "Splash screen" may be obvious from appearance alone, however the difference between setup wizard and preferences may look exactly the same sometimes and sometimes have suttle design differences. For now I use about 2-10 screen shots of each project to communicate between inventor, designer, and programmer, this is not good. What I'd like is to have the same as looking at the screen, yet with each art board page as a separate page when printing with its name in the gutter.
  9. Vielen dank! File -> Export ... PDF Area: Whole Document( was already chose in my copy ) Does the trick, I'm not sure if it's better or worse.
  10. The sad thing about InDesign is that it hardly has anything that FileMaker does not. QuarkXPress at least has precision, and FrameMaker has some really good documentation features. PageMaker and Word I can hardly tell apart.
  11. How can I print all artboards in one document by the push of the print button once? Only way I found is to select artboards 1 by one the push print. I would love to be able to print all art boards to individual sheets scaled to the chosen paper; just a batch print of that actually would do either to PDF or paper; depening on use case. iPhone apps are in general 8 - 90 artboards for me.
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