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  1. Would be nice to see the position of guides while you move them and be possible to copy them to another pages or install option for actual page or all pages.
  2. Ernesto José

    View mode Split

    This is what I mean.... divided screen.
  3. Ernesto José

    View mode Split

    What I mean is that I don´t see any difference between vector and pixel in Split view. If you look at the 2 images, one is set with handles to Vectors view on the left and pixels on the right and viceversa. Its supposed I should see half the violet rectangle outline and the rest filled with color. Am I wrong? I see this difference in Designer. Or is it I am doing something wrong?
  4. Ernesto José

    View mode Split

    I see no difference between Vector and Pixels in Split view as I do in Affinity Designer.Is not working?
  5. Want to print colour separations for prepress. How do I do it? If I choose a postscript printer, is there a menu for plate angles and more? Conversion from Pantone to 4 colors, etc?