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  1. Okay thanks obtusity for letting me know, now I think it's probably normal to have the item take so long to deliver for the Pacific region. @Patrick, I think it would be wise to update the affinity store to reflect a more realistic time for delivery then?? Especially for those people eager to grab the book as a Christmas present.. @obtusity, the only reason I'm impatient compared to you is because i checked amazon's forum about I-parcel (the company transporting my parcel), you'll find literally a thousand complaints of non-deliveries/ late deliveries etc so that doesn't really make me too confident about getting the book any time soon.
  2. Hi @Affinity/Serif staff, It's been 2 weeks (14 days) now and I haven't received my order - my order number is: AGRD6ZK8D. Can you please see what's going on? Last time I checked with affinity orders, they said tracking shows the book has arrived in New Zealand, but that was a week ago (28th of October). I tried to get an update from affinity orders again a few days ago, but no one has replied to me. If the item's stuck in New Zealand for a week now, all I can assume at this stage is either: a- it's lost b- it's held in customs for duties? I've shipped things as large as a guitar to New Zealand and they've never taken a week to clear customs, so it's quite unusual for customs to take so long to clear a book out for delivery. It's well beyond the 5-7 business day estimate - I believe today would make it the 11th business day since I purchased the item, and I know I should be a bit more patient with deliveries from the UK/US, but the only reason I paid 22 USD/ 30 NZD for shipping was because I thought i'd be arriving within a week.
  3. Order Number: AGRD6ZK8D6 - I already checked with affinityorders - according to the person I contacted, it's been dispatched and arrived in country of destination last week (28th Oct) but tracking for the parcel is no longer available and currently the estimated delivery time is 16th November to my house (almost a month after the purchase date of 21st October - which is astonishingly slow considering the shipping charges were 50% the price of the book). Normally I'm quite patient with deliveries, but I saw I-Parcel is delivering mine and they don't have a good reputation with delivering on time (or deliver at all in some cases):S
  4. Just curious - has anyone NOT received their workbook within the 5-7 working day shipping window?? Been waiting here since the 21st of October, hoping i'm not the only one left without a delivery since that purchase date....
  5. 2D images are just the beginning - his more complicated works use 3D modelling using blender. Amazing stuff. What's interesting is that he started out learning graphic design in his late 20s and didn't get into this kind of illustration well into his 30s - so it just shows that this kind of stuff can be learned at any age!!!!
  6. I ordered mine last week Friday and it got dispatched this week on Tuesday (I received an email from the Affinity store), the website still has my order as pending - and the status hasn't changed for 3 days. Some other buyers have mentioned that they received their books but the order was still pending on their account.
  7. Wow, why are you receiving it sooo late!!!!? Did you mean October 29? ----- @Affinity Staff - is it possible to get a tracking code added to orders made through your store?
  8. @Serif/Affinity Staff - would be great if the books came with a tracking code - for us buyers living outside of UK/US. It doesn't hurt to be living in the UK, but seeing how so many people from other countries can't even purchase the book, I'm glad shipping was even possible for NZ (we're always last to get anything here haahah). Glad you go it so soon, hope you're having fun with the book!! Same, I got an email a few hours ago that it dispatched. Now I have to wait... I wonder how long it takes to ship across the Pacific!! Thanks for letting me know. I got an email saying it got dispatched today and my order is still pending on the affinity store. Hopefully they fix this issue for other buyers soon.
  9. How long will it take to ship to New Zealand? Purchased it on the 20th and on the affinity store the order status is still pending.. so it hasn't even shipped yet S: Sorry for being impatient, but for a 20 dollar shipping fee, I think it's a bit slow to not even dispatch the item.. :(
  10. First post! I bought the book today. Was wondering if anyone can let me know how Jonathan Ball's chapter looks like - is it detailed? I did his Skillshare course and I'm determined to incorporate his style into my illustrations.
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