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  1. I swear I'm not obsessed with ice-creams but there's something soothing about drawing ice-cream cones and giving them a bit of life :D Any feedbacks? I've only been doing illustrations for the past 7 weeks ...
  2. Thanks George, appreciate the feedback. In my mind it looked a lot cooler - i guess it happens time to time with illustrations haha
  3. The concept didn't match how it turned out, so I'm a little disappointed but I hope someone here still likes it :)
  4. Hi, I usually screencast my entire process from start to finish and put it up on youtube. If you wanna see how I made it - here's the link It's been sped up 1200x so you might need to pause a few times to see exactly which tools I used.
  5. Just scribbled something yesterday and decided to make it into a vector drawing.
  6. My 6th week switching from the occasional hand doodles to using affinity designer to make illustrations. Still new but I decided to force myself to draw something everyday day and put it up on youtube to hold myself accountable for my learning.. Here's a drawing I did earlier and the timelapse video for it :D https://youtu.be/cU7l7sBul8U
  7. Hey, same thing happened to me!!! Bought on the 21st, dispatched on the 25th, arrived in the country of destination on the 28th - no delivery as of 14th Nov. I just emailed Serif staff in charge of purchasing and they are shipping mine again today! I think you should too, because I don't think the original order will make it to you - since my item can't be tracked either. Update: Item delivered to me on the 16th of November and I was able to cancel the reshipment just in time before it got sent to me. Seems like the item was just held for an extended period of time before it exchanged hands between the international courier and the local post services. If anyone else has shipping delays like me - I guess you have to wait, like I did (mine took almost 4 weeks to arrive) :(
  8. Understood, it just means more waiting... don't understand why a book would be stuck in customs for 2 weeks. I live in the same city as the international mail centre. Book is exempt from duties and not dangerous, in fact customs sends out a letter within 5 working days if it is held for duties/gst- it's been 10 working days now. It's midday Friday here already - so delivery over the weekend is unlikely. Assuming it is lost - replacement order will take place next week - pushing the new date delivery right to the end of Nov/ Early December at the earliest, assuming US holidays don't slow things down. And if the item isn't lost, then the courier is just holding the item unnecessarily for the latest possible delivery time.. Either way, what's the point of paying so much for shipping for that kind of delivery... Sigh..
  9. 3 weeks and still no delivery... so disappointed with your fulfilment partner Serif.
  10. Hahah .. Madame, I've already gone through that tutorial.. in fact that's how I actually learned how to use Affinity Designer :) I'm just wondering how to blend those techniques with my own style now
  11. Hi, I just bought an entry level tablet to doodle on Affinity designer's pixel persona. It's a wacom intuos. The tablet itself is pretty responsive, but I keep getting a lag on my AD app. Some brush strokes just keep take a while before they appear on screen on the app, which is throwing me off a bit. Is there something I can do to reduce it. note: I meant Graphics Tablet Lag - for the title.
  12. haha, yeah they are brutal with their's 1s when scoring. Hopefully with more practice I crack a score of 3. My highest so far has been 2.66.
  13. To be honest I found Affinity Designer quite confusing at first, it really takes some time to get used to the software, especially for newbies like us. I actually put the cookie surfer up on threadless. They gave me a 2.09/5, which is no where near the cut. I believe a score of 3 - 3.5 is usually what gets printed... so gotta a long way to go before I can please the threadless community :(
  14. I've always been a doodler, but recently started working with vector software and these are some of my works I've done with AD. It's only been a month, so I'm hoping I can create some neat looking things by end of 2016.. and hopefully make some professional looking vector art by 2017 :)
  15. @obtusity, Thanks for the info. This means i'm probably gonna get it sometime this week. If I don't get it by Friday then I know for sure something is up with the courier. I guess 2-3 weeks isn't bad for an item shipped from US. I just wish the shipping price wasn't so steep for that kind of service.
  16. That's odd that you'd be more relaxed with a book. I find learning an intense period, so I'm never at ease with the resources I'm reading... The only time I really consider buying a physical book is for pleasure - i.e reading a novel/non-fiction. But for learning, ebooks are far superior.... I can just press control F to find what i'm looking for, click on the glossary and get redirected to the right page without having to flick through like a mad person looking for the right page....
  17. Might be a generational thing. I personally have never used physical books to do tutorials of any kind on my computer. In fact, just copying notes on my computer using textbooks at uni was a little more unpleasant than having a pdf of the book. Sometimes i'd just take photos of the pages I wanted to read and send them to my computer and keep my word processor next to the image up. That could be a workaround for now???? I see a lot of kids/teenagers also buying this software, since I personally found paying for adobe's software suite too expensive (even with the student discount) when I was 13-18 and never bothered learning it. I wonder if they'd prefer a video version of the book over a book/ebook. Seems like kids at that age are more accustomed to video tutorials than reading books to learn things. Although I've gotten used to that myself in the past 2 years thanks to Udemy, Lynda and other video providers. But I do agree an ebook would be nice. Aside from the practical uses, it's just better because you don't have to wait to use the book (like I have to atm), you don't have to pay for shipping, which is quite hefty itself for non US/UK buyers and it's just much easier to update printed errors.
  18. Hey Patrick, It wasn't a price increase, my mistake. The app store just set it at 59.99 USD for NZ customers and then changed to my local currency to 79.99 a bit later, so i got confused. I just forgot that I paid 80 NZD (60 USD) for the app.
  19. Hi, I purchased the affinity designer app a month ago and I remember I got it for 49.99 USD, after a month of using it I was really pleased with it and was just about to make a purchase affinity photo as well but I saw the Apple store price for all your apps has increased by 10 USD to 59.99. Is this a pricing error or did you guys recently increase the price? Thanks
  20. Yeah, I've done that - there's some good stuff - but I was wondering if people found some cool resources online themselves, that they recommend... Yea, sorry didn't mean to be nosy, just wanted to see how big the community is - was thinking about making some tutorials myself on how to create weird looking characters on AD - looking at the forum membership itself - now i realise it's a pretty large community...
  21. Hi Serif, I wanted to know what's the estimated user base of Affinity Designer at the moment? Compared to adobe, there's not as much content for the affinity products... Also, I was wondering apart from the official tutorials and workbook.. are there tutorials available for AD??
  22. Haha, closest thing to teleportation right now would be getting an ebook version of the book! Sadly that's not an option :(
  23. Join the waiting club, hopefully one day we can teleport deliveries...
  24. @MattP, Thanks, as long as there's no subscription model, I'm happy to be an Affinity user then. :) Thanks
  25. Hi Serif, I was just wondering how long the affinity free updates will continue??? I just bought Designer a month ago and was ready to purchase Photo, but decided to hold off for now... my fear is it'll eventually become an annual subscription with the price of the software slowly rising over the years... I just experienced that with Adobe's Creative Cloud -- they raised their subscription price by A LOT :(
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