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  1. Thankee. This is the first time i've ever attempted doing any sort of highlights or shadows on a digital piece. I've got a long way to go... probably gonna keep working on this one until I figure out how to get more depth and contour on the shapes rather than having them all look fairly flat but bezeled.
  2. These are great, man! I've recently begun trying to make the same transition (doodling on paper w/ ink -> digital illustration). I've been wanting to do it for years but always found Illustrator way too tedious to spend much time on. Thank god i found Affinity :P
  3. Finished this last night. This is the first project I've ever done entirely in Affinity. I always found digital illustration either super tedious or super intimidating before discovering Affinity. Affinity is the first program I've found that streamlined the illustration/design workflow enough that it seemed like I was finally doing more actual creating than tedious searching for a button/option/key. Interesting to note that Ableton Live was the exact same way for me with music. Great job Affinity Team. Thanks for bringing this to Windows :)
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