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  1. I would like to have only the colours I use in the actual document to show in the swatch tool. This is so non intuitive!
  2. Granted, I did not formulated my thoughts correctly; English is not my language and, from French, I really messed up the translation. Sorry for that. To Mr. Reeder: I would respectfully ask you to ignore me, learn to be cool, get a life for yourself… what ever but would you be so kind as to stay off my back! Thank you.
  3. I think not! The reason is in the name Fast Stone viewer. The same the finder does on Mac to quickly render an unsaved preview that does not reflect the work done on a file.
  4. Of course not and that is no omission since the RAW data can't be modified… However, if on Mac, the finder may generate a preview.
  5. • Did you look at these? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10119-in-house-affinity-photo-video-tutorials/
  6. • …too happy to be scary! Cool work Stuart! :)
  7. • In my experience, clipped highlights are lost info… no info, I don't know how to change the colour of "nothing"! One may paint in a transparent coloured layer maybe!
  8. • In meine Fotografische Auge, Bodo, einfach ausgezeichnet!
  9. This comment of yours ends my Sunday in a cheerful way. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Charlychuch! LOOKS? Nah, how can anyone want to compete with that punk! …a couple more days and I'll get over both: my ankle and illusions. ;)
  11. Thanks buddy! Good fortune = broken heart! ;)
  12. • CONTINUED… I had a big surprise as I arrived at the marsh: I was, of course, looking for my baby and, as she has a quite discrete plumage that doesn't make it easy to spot her quickly, my eye was caught by this flamboyant individual. I knew right then that my goose was cooked. He was something to see and, as usual, she just ignored me! This being the first time I had a chance to see in person and to photograph a Mandarin drake in all it glory… as he put a definite end to my platonic illusions. 1 2 …a great couple that is! 3 No, oh no… she's do
  13. • Introduction. Since some 10 days, I'm going around (not fast nor far!) with a set of crutches after a severe fall in an icy outdoor stairway that twisted my left ankle. —"That 's a good one"… said the surgeon, "No need to operate though that will nail or slow you down for some time, I'm afraid!" Yesterday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked a friend to help me put the wildlife gear in the car and drive me to the marsh for a couple of hours. Do you remember this girl (young female Mandarin duck) who grabbed my heart in the middle of December? Thoug
  14. +1 This is a very dramatic image Mike… and a most stupendous work!
  15. Because if I would deliver an A.D. anything less, it will not be accepted as he needs all the flexibility he can get.
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