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    Ros got a reaction from stokerg in Telefónica icons series #2 - Buildings   
    Hi everyone,
    Here is a small icon set from a recent project.
    Have a good weekend!

    Previous set: 
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    Ros reacted to Cealcrest in 1966 Batmobile v2 (AD)   
    I hope you get featured on Spotlight.
  3. Haha
    Ros reacted to Alfred in Blue demon   
    Hmm ... I dunno. Are you allowed to post that here?
    Wonderful work, as usual, Tony. 
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    Ros reacted to TonyJ in Blue demon   
    Affinity photo and Krita. Personal work.
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    Ros reacted to Dazmondo77 in Emperor Chung   
    Just had a go at redrawing an all vector version of Chico Chung, a Kung Fu penguin character I did for the band EMPEROR CHUNG - I originally did the logo in illustrator so I cheated a bit 

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    Ros got a reaction from artman in Love The 90s • 2018 Tour   
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    Ros got a reaction from SalfingerAndrew in Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)   
    Clean, sharp and keeping it coherent across a wide variety of premises.
    Great work, @shizumiaoki
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    Ros reacted to VectorVonDoom in Mk1 Golf GTI, v2 Progress (AD)   
    I haven't had time to do much but have basically finished the car itself, yeah I know I'm slow.  Ignore the background. I've carried on with the real background but still not sure about it and might change to something else.


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    Ros reacted to AffinityJules in Helping Hand   
    Not too sure why I did this, it just grabbed me as a good idea.

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    Ros reacted to Alfred in Still Bored   
    Ooh, picky!  Speaking of which, “skin-full” should really be “skinful”.
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    Ros reacted to Dazmondo77 in Still Bored   
    Still bored so just knocked this up -- had to go to Illustrator to distort the student night text --- That's another cheat ---- all vector

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    Ros reacted to Dazmondo77 in Nutter   
    A bit quiet work wise so I decided to re-create some artwork I originally did for Ginger Wildheart in an app called Mischief which was a great vector based art prog that seems to have now been abandoned (shame as it was great to sketch in) thought I'd see how well I could illustrate it in Designer as vector and it's turned out pretty well although  I cheated and added a very simple pixel layer with just a few brush strokes using some of the Fantastic Frankentoon brushes 

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    Ros got a reaction from Kevin Martin in Love The 90s • 2018 Tour   
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    Ros got a reaction from Metin Seven in Train logo design   
    Clever, indeed. Also, clean and nice.
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    Ros got a reaction from Kevin Martin in Concept illustration poster   
    The first one really got my attention.
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    Ros reacted to SalfingerAndrew in Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)   
    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)
    While studying at SAE for my Bachelor of Design, I got the change to work on a social issue campaign around noise pollution in the ocean with the goal to make 10 posters around the campaign and ended up making 12 posters, 10 badges, art display piece, and a website.
    This project was amazing to work on allowing myself to break out of my "normal design style" and really allow me to just play around with mix design, merging vector, paper craft, images and 3D together to create something amazing
    Made with:
    Affinity Photo (Mac + iOS (iPad Pro)
    Affinity Designer
    Autodesk Maya (for 3D)













    "Click Here" to view the website.

    Need of a graphic designer? Check out my work: http://bit.ly/2vjCmTi
    Social Media:
    Website: www.andrewsalfinger.com
    Portfolio: http://bit.ly/2vjCmTi
    Twitter: http://bit.ly/andrewdestwitter
    Facebook: http://bit.ly/andrewdesfacebook
    Instagram: http://bit.ly/andrewdesinstagram
    Behance: http://bit.ly/andrewdesbehance
    Etsy: http://bit.ly/andrewdesetsy
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    Ros reacted to GRScott in Calm   
    This drawing/illustration was done using Affinity Photo and Clip Studio Paint. Hope you enjoy.

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    Ros reacted to bodobe in Vector Graphic - Portrait   
    Vector Graphic - Portrait created with Affinity Designer. Guaranteed without pixels
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    Ros reacted to StuartRc in Style Assets Inktober Vectors   
    Just to share these....
    A first foray into Styles...using some recent vector drawings...Based on United word prompt for #inktober 2017
    Part 1 as attached
    Graduations and Dark + Light shading to add dimension to objects

    Vector styles.pdf
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    Ros reacted to StuartRc in Poison   
    Added some Styles used in the drawing into the Resources Section:
    Vector Styles [Poison]
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    Ros reacted to Milos Micatek in Typeface design (WIP)   
    I used AD to draw and slice single glyphs for my new comic book font... regular is done, others (italic, bold, bold ilalic) are still in progress.

    ... and here is the sampler:

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    Ros reacted to Amorph in Typeface design (WIP)   
    WELL DONE, your fonts should replace COMIC SANS in any application that is using fonts. 
    Your work motivates me to learn how to useGLYPH or GLYPH mini, so I finally can realize my font ideas. 
    For my fellow MAC user: Beside GLYPHS, there is also a other font creator, which is freeware as long you don't want to use the fonts commercially. Forgot the name of the app, but I could dig the name up out of my email inbox.
    LOCK GUIDELINES, would be wonderful as a option. 
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    Ros reacted to Lorenz in Desert Fox   
    @Ros Oh, yes! I did this, but thanks for posting this. This is the kind of tips I wanted to hear 
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    Ros got a reaction from Lorenz in Desert Fox   
    I have a fixation with symmetrical designs like this one.
    TIP: I find symbols super useful for this kind of stuff. I create one, flip it, and start adding shapes. 
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    Ros reacted to MantaMike in Cheese...   
    Hi Affinity forum
    I made my first entry to a Threadless challenge and of course i used Affinity Designer, so I thought i would post it here.
    Found the sentence in my old sketchbook along with some other weird stuff about animals doing questionable policework... so thought I would give it a go.
    If you like the design and have a Threadless account, feel free to vote.
    God day to all of you and GOOO Affinity Designer for iPad!!

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