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  1. The option "Force pixel alignment" does not work in all circumstances. Snapping can mess with it and you end up with objects still aligned to half pixels. In my opinion, "Force" should mean what it says. Cheers
  2. Sorry I don't see how this could be any simpler to be honest. If there is an option that says "Force pixel alignment" I expect the program to force alignment to whole pixels, period. For types of work where you want fractured pixels you would disable "force pixel alignment". Anything but 50.5. Otherwise you'd have to rename the option to "Try aligning to pixels if it's convenient". In that case please add another option "Mercilessly force pixel alignment" for web designers. Cheers
  3. @MEB: That's exactly my point. Snapping should not override "Force pixel alignment". It' says force, so please actually force. I use Affinity Designer for web design, I never ever want any half pixels when sizing and positioning objects. Snapping is useful so I don't want to go and turn it on and off again all the time. From my point of view, if I tell Designer to force pixel alignment I should never see fractured pixels on newly positioned and sized objects anymore.
  4. I want to center the text on this button with the align feature. The text is a child of the box How do I do this? This used to be possible by selecting the child on the canvas, then select the parent on the canvas holding shift (or ctrl+shift). It seems this does no longer work. I went through the options in the align tool but none of them seem to do this. This would be one of the most common alignment actions, no? At least for me it is. Cheers
  5. It's currently not easily possible to align an item to its parent. Please add "Parent object" to the "Align to" drop down in the align tools so items can be aligned relative to their parent object. Referring question:
  6. Snapping doesn't really work for me for some reason. I turned those options on but when I move it around the middle of the box it doesn't snap to anything.
  7. arechsteiner

    Can't select my objects on the canvas

    Thanks! How on earth did that happen... Solved.
  8. I have a bunch of vector objects that I made with the pen tool. I'm having this very weird behavior where I just cannot select them on the canvas anymore. I've tried singling them out and making new files, but the issue remains. They are unselectable for some reason that is a mystery to me. I'm attaching the file, maybe someone could try if they can select all of the shapes on directly on the canvas or not. I can only select the one at the very top. Cheers selectionBroken.afdesign
  9. Hi all I have released a Boostrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer. It includes columns, gutters as well as guides and some more stuff. This should hopefully help when setting up a new Bootstrap 4 project in Designer. I hope you find this useful, let me know if anything is missing. Cheers Alexander
  10. Okay I've figured it out. "Embed ICC profile" needs to be OFF in the export settings.
  11. I'm having an issue when exporting .png assets from Affinity Designer for use in a website. When Chrome (on Windows) displays the .png image, the color does not match the HEX value I've assigned in Affinity designer. Here's a quick example of a square that I made both in Affinity Designer and in Photoshop. Both have a hex value of #252E42. I embedded them both next to each other on a HTML page that also has a background-color of #252E42. I've attached the result. As you can see the rectangle exported from Photoshop is completely invisible, which is exactly what I expect. But the rectangle from Designer is clearly visible. What is going on here? Do I have to change some color profile settings in order to make this work?
  12. I've noticed a behavior when moving objects while holding down shift. I would expect that holding down shift locks the object on an axis, but alas, small movements are still happening. I thought holding down shift is intended exactly to prevent this? Is this a bug or am I not understanding this feature correctly? I've recorded a short video to show exactly what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SMCSVoD4fQ
  13. Thanks for your replies. I've figured it out. The issue lies with the grid setup I was using. I had to turn off "Intermediate angles", now it works as expected. Original settings: Fixed:
  14. arechsteiner

    "Affinity products" -Discord chat server

    Great idea, I joined immediately. @Alfred: This is the same concept as IRC channels that have existed for decades and are a way to hang out with other users of a particular technology. It's a bit more casual than a forum in my opinion.
  15. This sounds like a bug in Affinity Designer. Maybe someone from Serif can chime in? The file was created with Designer on Windows 10 set to English. Maybe someone else could create a file with the same setup and post it here for flexscan to try out?
  16. @ Sean P: Judging from the screenshots provided by flexscan and Netzstecher's username, I believe both users are German and I assume they both use a German OS X version. Maybe there is a bug with Affinity Designer that affects foreign language OS X users or file sharing between different languages? Could be worth investigating. @ Netzstecher and flexscan: I've created a simpler file with only three basic shapes. Can you try opening this one and see if the same thing happens? test_file_windows10enus.afdesign
  17. arechsteiner

    Bootstrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer

    It was created with Windows, although that should not matter. Try making sure the file's permissions are set correctly (Help Article in German). Other than that I'm out of ideas. Can someone else on OS X confirm or refute that this is a general issue on OS X?
  18. arechsteiner

    Bootstrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer

    @flexscan: Did you extract the zip archive before attempting to open the file? This looks like some sort of file system problem.
  19. Thanks Leigh, I've made a new post in the resources forum.
  20. I've just released a Boostrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer. It includes columns, gutters as well as guides and some more stuff. This should hopefully help when setting up a new Bootstrap 4 project in Designer. I hope you find this useful, let me know if anything is missing.
  21. I've been toying around with the Grid and Axis Manager, and I cannot figure out what the third axis, the "Up axis" is doing. I cannot find any configuration that actually lets me manipulate any of the fields, which makes me question its existence in the first place. Also, sometimes there is a yellow warning sign without any further explanation as to what might be the cause of the warning. I've been rummaging through the help, but I couldn't find any detailed explanation. Cheers
  22. arechsteiner

    Multiple Layer Effects

    Any specifics as to when this will be available? I'm evaluating Affinity Designer as a possible substitute for Photoshop for web UI design, but this is a bit of a showstopper. Multiple shadows are easily done in CSS so it's a waste if the design program I'm using is not able to follow suit. In effect it means that I would have to forfeit using multiple shadows when designing, even though they're there in the target technology. Especially since the functionality has been there on your end for the last two years: To be honest, I would much prefer an average UI than no UI at all. "Done is better than perfect" Adobe's implementation is pretty solid as posted by ALx. And if the gifted people at Serif could not come up with a better solution in two years, then there is no better solution.
  23. Hi Callum Thanks for your quick response on a late Friday afternoon. Your workaround is a lot better than mine, although it still comes at the cost of losing the handy border settings and color picker, and the ease of having the border set on the object instead of having it hidden away in the effects. Maybe this could be considered as a possible improvement in the future? Cheers and have a nice weekend
  24. Hello! I'm trying to apply an inner shadow effect to my rounded rectangle. I don't want the inner shadow to apply to the border, only to the fill. This is how it works in Photoshop, for better or worse. I've fiddled around with the stroke and effect settings, but I cannot seem to achieve the goal, except by creating two objects and having one be the border, and the other be the fill. Is there a way of having the effect only apply to the fill, so I don't need to manage two distinct objects? Using RC2 on Windows 10. Cheers Alex