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  1. I can imagine the Affinity Team is working hard on this feature and looking closely at sketch's plugin system. Affinity has the superior platform and just gave sketch a heavy blow with the new features in Affinity Designer 1.5. So I suggest they really implement what works best for the Affinity Team instead of what individual users seems best. But anyway here my 5 cents. 1. Check Alfred! It's Mac only yes BUT its clearly a real power tool that likely most Affinity Users are already familiar with. Maybe there is a way to build on Alfred instead of reinventing the wheel. Alfred also has a nice Remote App for iOS which on an iPad is a real blast to use. It would be great to enable iPad owners to utilize their Tablet as an extended Touch Interface for Affinity. 2. We experimented a little with JXCore on iOS and its a great way to get a whole Node.JS Server running on an iOS Device. In this case Javascript would be an interesting choice for extending the Interface on a extended Touch Input Device. 3. Package Management is a MUST HAVE! Alfred has already some kind of implementation with Jackal so its maybe worth looking. Just some thoughts but as I said I am sure the guys from Affinity are already totally aware of every possible option and I have a feeling that we will see something very exciting which goes beyond what we have in mind :) Have a nice day and don't buy a new car this year :) the revolution is coming
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