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    Pawa reacted to kloveridge in Alpha Gripes with Affinity Photo when used for games   
    I make computer games. I've done it for 20 years.
    Its really frustrating that the only piece of software on the market that works with Alpha channels correctly is Photoshop. I *HOPED* that Affinity Photo would have done it right too (you'lve done a lot of things right). But as a game maker I need my image software to the following:
    1. When I say a map needs to be 256x256 or 512x512 pixels, SAVE IT AS 256X256 or 512x512 pixels. I don't want some helpful algorithm thinking it sees a bunch of pixels that are empty. So it will shrink-wrap the map to eliminate the dead pixels. While this might make sense for many photograph needs. Its a bad policy for games. 
    2. Alpha channel editing. We do a lot of stuff that can require weird alpha tweaking. It feels like working with Alpha channels in AP is awkward. Look at photoshop for inspiration. I need to paint the alpha. I need to do gradients in alpha. I need the alpha just to be a grayscale image I can modify. For that matter, I sometimes need to do that to RGB channels independently as well. Instead. Channels feel like they are special and not just a layer I can paint. Maybe this is already easy to do. But frankly, its not straightforward to do if it is.
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    Pawa got a reaction from Chris B in Affinity Photo Wacom Exception   
    Hi guys,
    This has been happening to me for a while, but I only found this thread now. I can confirm the same exception occurs to me with an Intuos Pen & Touch, it can be replicated in the same way, and it affects both Photo and Designer. I just updated the driver to 6.3.21-3 and tried it with and without Windows Ink, but the problem persists.

    Are there any news regarding this issue?

    - ​Edit

    Turns out that deactivating Windows Ink seems to solve the issue on both softwares after all! It didn't seem to work before because I deactivated it by default, but forgot to do the same in the application specific settings.
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    Pawa reacted to mcapraro in Lasso Select Tool in Designer   
    subject says it all, it would be really nice to have a lasso selection tool in AD
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    Pawa reacted to shushustorm in Straight tools when holding shift   
    Hello everyone!
    This is another feature request.
    I'd like to request a feature that lets users of Designer and Photo use tools in a straight way when holding shift.
    For example, when I want to draw a straight line, holding down shift should draw a line between starting point and current cursor location.
    This behaviour should be added to other tools as well.
    If I want to use the "Smudge Brush Tool" or the "Inpainting Brush Tool" in a straight way, there is currently no way of doing so that I'm aware of.
    Adding shift + alt for snapping to multiples of 45° between starting point and current cursor location could be very useful as well.
    Also, I do know about left clicking using the "Paint Brush Tool", then holding shift and clicking at the end point to get a straight line. But this behaviour is limited to that tool and you don't get a live preview of the line or snapping to multiples of 90° or 45°.
    The "Free hand Selection Tool" includes a similar feature to the one that I just requested. The difference is that the existing feature doesn't use the cursor location when left mouse clicking for its starting point, but rather the cursor location when starting to hold shift. This does make sense for that specific tool, but I think other tools would benefit from a set starting point at the time when mouse left is clicked. And that existing feature doesn't seem to have any snapping options either, which could be useful sometimes.
    Best wishes,
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    Pawa got a reaction from Gear maker in Shift+key to change tool within family   
    I spend weeks without opening Photoshop, it's amazing! There are very, very few things I miss. I found most of them on the forum already, but nothing about how PS handles keyboard shortcuts, which is in my opinion better.

    Pressing a shortcut, say G, selects the Paint Bucket. If you want to select the Gradient, you have to go Shit+G, and now the shortcut cycles between Paint Bucket, Gradient... But G will always select the last tool used in that family.

    I have a feeling not everyone will agree, so please give us this as an option (use Shift to cycle tools of the same family) in Photo and Designer.

    ​Countless times I pressed B to make sure I had the Brush, and because of that switched tool!

    ​Thank you!
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    Pawa reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer - 1.5.1   
    Click here to download the latest release
    Status: Patch
    Purpose: Stability
    Requirements: A valid Affinity Designer product key.

    We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.
    Fixed sporadic problem with context toolbar changing to a tool in a different document Fixed CMYK swatch tooltips display with 8-bit values Fixed 32-bit Preview not changing colour profiles when document colour format changes Changed PDF Export to convert 32-bit images to 8-bit Fixed artifacts appearing with a 3D Layer Effect profile on an object with a Linear Gradient Fixed cursor not updating in Freehand Selection when move is available Fixed being unable to deselect by clicking with Freehand Selection tool Fixed sporadic crash when opening and closing documents after having an adjustment layer panel open Fixed memory leaks Character and Navigator panels Fixed Split view mirror mode Before/After slider remaining draggable Changed default EXR export to 32-bit (instead of 16 half) Fixed clicking while in Pan mode with the Zoom tool will still cause the app to Zoom Fixed being unable to paste Enhanced Metafiles Fixed for Paste from external clipboards being permanently disabled Fixed crash when pasting an object as an SVG Fixed memory leaks when the progress dialog is displayed Fixed exporting images to Dropbox / Google Drive / other file synchronisation services (would previously fail to write metadata) Fixed crash when using Logitech 510 wireless and using Logitech Options software, when scrolling horizontally (software was delivering invalid mouse coordinates) Added special paper sizes (from the printer) in the Print dialog if not already present Fixed Custom Paper Size not being remembered between Print dialog sessions Fixed borderless printing Fixed list of available keyboard shortcuts not updating when changing Persona Fixed potential crash when opening multiple documents Fixed potential crash when showing rulers Fixed Export Selection with background failing Fixed UI jumping around on some popups when Windows is set to left handedness Added a minimum size to the Help window Fixed resetting User Defaults causes app to be minimized to its smallest size on next start Removed invalid 'Reset Fill Context' shortcut Fixed clicking on flyout button a second time not closing the flyout Improved performance of Layers / Export controls when adding items Fixed Layer names not updating correctly Fixed right clicking on a layer only displaying the context menu for a split second when the Character panel is visible Fixed pressing the Character / Paragraph button on the context toolbar not expanding collapsed panels Fixed right clicking a node in a Curve Adjustment doesn't update the preview Updated more icons to look better on a dark background at 100% zoom Use higher precision pointer position for new Pointer API (Windows 8.1 and higher, Surface type devices) Use higher precision pointer position for Wacom devices Fixed 3D and Bevel Emboss filter effects Fixed angle dial displaying decimals Fixed Text > Character Traits > Underline will tick both Underline and Strikeout Fixed some fonts incorrectly appearing as Segoe UI in the dropdown Fixed crash when dragging a Bevel/Emboss Profile node via FX dialog Fixed Continuous Export being re-enabled after creating a slice  Fixed pressure data not being received from some tablets Fixed "Scale with Object" for Soften parameter Fixed 32-bit Preview Display Transform radio button defaults to ICC Display Transform but is using OCIO Transform Fixed OCIO Display Transform being applied in Develop Fixed being able to type a 7 digit Hex value into the Colour panel Fixed crash clearing fill in Edit > Fill Added missing Retina Rendering Performance Preference Fixed Refine Selection dialog getting unintentionally dismissed Fixed sporadic PDF import crash for compressed streams Fixed zooming with the mouse wheel so that zooming in and out is consistent Fixed crash creating new document with Character panel open Fixed crash when selecting a font using the Character panel Added scrollers around menus for lower resolution screens Fixed Layer Effects "Soften" value can't exceed 20px Fixed Layer Effects dialog wrong values displayed when "Scale With Objects" is on Fixed Layer Effects "Scale with Objects" check box not updating when document selection changes Fixed being unable to click through onto the document when a popup is open Fixed editing a Global Colour and selecting a colour using the eyedropper will lose it's Global Colour status Fixed grid spacing is capped to slider value Installer
    Fixed thumbnail provider not working without VC Runtime Fixed product key appearing incorrectly when display zoom is set to 150%
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    Pawa got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Public Beta - (Windows)   
    It's crazy just how fast and fluid your software is. It never ceases to amaze me! Great job, guys!

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