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  1. _Merritt_

    Concept design for a game...

    Fantastic work really has that Mars and far away feel about it.
  2. Ill say it in one word - Beautiful :)
  3. I really like this work .... so fresh and vibrant, I also agree about the fuzzy feathers, I'm sure if they were drawn like the rest (sharp) they would be fine, if you want to make it slightly different how about reversing the colours inside the fuzzy ones i.e. put yellow where the blues are and blues where the yellow-orange-red is?
  4. _Merritt_

    Realistic lighter

    Outstanding work, Id call it hyper realism :ph34r:
  5. Truly outstanding work Isabel, as a now retired designer of the old methods your work gives me the inspiration to try and learn this new way of designing for my own personal pleasure without dreaded client briefs, Best regards _Merritt_