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  1. Well I'm utterly failing to recreate the issue now, so I think we can safely conclude this was me having a "special" moment in the first instance.
  2. Have File1 open in Designer. Got to Open Recent menu to open File2. Tried holding down Cmd key to see if I can open more than one file from menu. Designer opens File2 but all the content is now that of File1. No option to undo, and File2 has already been saved with the new content. No warnings, confirmations or anything, which makes me think this is a bug not a designed process. Designer version: 1.10.5 OS: Monterey
  3. Aha, that's got it. FWIW, I had almost all of that set, it was changing Retina Rendering from Automatic to High Quality that did the trick. Thanks for your help.
  4. Getting an issue with fonts appearing grainy on screen when using Designer. Applies to all the fonts I've tried, including the Roboto featured in the UI pack. Problem occurs on both the retina screen of my MBP and the 24" external monitor I have. Exporting an artboard shows fonts as they should be, so it looks like it's something to do with the in-app rendering.
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