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  1. Hi Oldwestern,


    Welcome to the Forums :)


    The X range products are no longer in development. We will be releasing a Desktop Publishing app in the future called Affinity Publisher however this isn't a replacement for PagePlus it wont be compatible with PagePlus files for example. If you would like to find out more about Affinity Publisher you can read more below :)






    Thanks for this information, though not at all what I wanted to hear.


    While I'm glad that, at last, with Affinity, there's a product range mimicing the versatility (and price) of Serif's X range, designed to work across all platforms (PC / Mac / Tablet / Mobile), I cannot understand why no one thought to incorporate a way to translare/transfer Serif X range to Affinity.


    I'm not alone in having numerous (hundreds) of files containing all sorts of text, picture and/or drawings, each with complex format settings - and that it comes as a blow to lean that the only way to get files incorporated is by importing them as PDFs.


    Is there no way to provide a fle conversion utility - I'm sure it would be welcomed - heck, I'd even pay for it!