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  1. Is there a way to export from Affinity Designer always in the same folder as the source AFD file? Cause I can't find it and working on UI design makes it a headache cause I always have to switch folders on export. I know it's a feature request already for Affinity Photo but I'm not sure if this will be added to AD as well. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey guys... I've just tested the latest implementation of Symbols in Gravit Designer and even though it's not perfect I think you could "borrow" a few cool ideas like being able to reset each element to its original state from the "master" symbol. Also you can sync only specific properties of an object like color of an icon inside a symbol next to a text layer for example while creating several new symbol instances where you would make the icon bigger or rotated to simulate different states of a button like hover or pressed for example. These features would greatly improve working with symbols specially when it comes to UI design. What do you think guys?
  3. +1000 Gravit is coming strong from behind... has lots of features that AI has and which are still missing from AD. The only problem with Gravit is the performance which is awful specially when working with multiple artboards and bitmap photos. This is where AD shines, the performance is awesome even in Windows and copes really well with tons of artboards and many objects. Because of the missing multiple fills and strokes I'm still forced to use AI as my main logo design tool.
  4. An update/reply on this one from the developers team would be awesome, especially now since the 1.6 version has been released! I'm in the same boat as @Mikeintosh... the devs I work with require fully editable PSDs file since they're not willing to switch/learn a new software so I'm stuck with making web design in PS which is a nightmare performance wise when using many large full HD artboards. AD works buttery smooth but since I can't export PSD with text layer it's pretty useless to me at this point! So guys... any news on this one???
  5. This is the only reason I still use the shitty, resource intensive PS! I'm a Windows user and have no choice... the devs I'm working with are only familiar with PS and they need PSD files. And working in PS with many 1920px width artboards is a nightmare as everything is slow as hell. PS wasn't built for this and Adobe X D is still pretty primitive and if I can't export PSD with editable text from Affinity Designer then I'm force to work with PS. Also it would be a huge feature for AD to be able to actually save as in PSD and not export... I mean you open a PSD in AD, you make changes and hit CTRL+S to save it as the original PSD file and not a .afdesign file. This would bring a lot of users from the dark side since most of them have the same problem as I have... they have to provide fully editable PSD files to the devs who are not willing to invest time and money in a new software. Any ETA for this feature would be great! Thanks guys for doing a great job and for driving the graphic design industry into the 21st century!
  6. Not implemented yet in
  7. Try making an X from 2 lines with exterior stroke alignment and export that to Photoshop. You'll see the problem. Also why shouldn't the stroke behave the same way for opened shapes as it does for closed ones? Or at least disable the stroke alignment for opened shapes. See my point?
  8. Not sure if it's a feature or a bug but it's the same in the stable 1.5 as well. I'm talking about the stroke alignment on an open shape. It makes not difference if you set it to exterior or interior as it's always aligned to Center. This makes it a problem especially when exporting to PSD as Photoshop handles stroke position the same way for closed and opened objects as well. What do you think guys?
  9. Thanks for confirmation Sean! Cool avatar btw! Love it
  10. Bug or feature? Duplicating an artboard doesn't create a new slice for it automatically like it does in the 1.5 version. So you have to manually go to the Export Persona > Layers > select the duplicated artboard and click Create Slice. Also creating a new artboard from scratch gets a new slice automatically. By the way, nice job with the Font Styles! Finally they are ordered in a logical way from lightest to thickest.
  11. I can confirm the Text updating in the symbols which seems to randomly work and not work sometimes. Another weird behavior regarding symbols: if I have a symbol inside multiple parent symbols, if I delete it from one parent symbol it disappears from the other parent symbols as well. If I hit Undo, only the current parent symbol gets the removed symbol back. This bug is the same in the stable 1.5 version as well. Hopefully the Symbols will get improved cause they are a real headache right now!
  12. I know you replied but I just wanted to make sure if this "feature" is by design or a bug and since Sean is asking me how do I expect this to work I'm guessing it's by design. So yeah... hopefully it will be ok on the final release. Thanks for taking in all the critiques and comments You rock!
  13. So you just can't see it, can you?? Please open the Mac version and the Windows version and compare. Since I only have a PC here's a comparison with PS: Which one make most sense to you?? AD or PS? In case you don't see it I'll explain: the font style should be arranged from the lightest to boldest. Makes sense now? Can't believe I have to tell this to someone developing a graphic design software... Really guys! Now look at another comparison, Montserrat: See the chaos in AD?
  14. Please don't forget about this: I'm insisting on this because most UI designers use the font styles extensively and it's so annoying and a waste of time to look for a specific font weight in a list that doesn't make any sense. Since the Mac version doesn't have this problem I don't think it hard to implement, right guys? Thanks for the awesome job btw! You rock!
  15. Double clicking a color swatch in the Swatches panel doesn't do anything. It should edit the clicked color by default, at least this is the behaviour in 1.5.