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  1. I would really like this to be an option as it disrupts my workflow since I'm coming Illustrator. Any plans for such an option? Thanks!
  2. Having the same problem in the latest stable version The text is scalable bit is not selectable no matter which options I select. Tried to Embed all the fonts and same result. Of course this happens with custom fonts (Open Sans in my case). Did someone find a solution? Thanks!
  3. I was really hoping you guys wouldn't go the same path as adobe and finally give designers one tool to replace both Photoshop and Illustrator. I was really hoping AD would have been this tool. I'm not sure why you're focusing on releasing a publishing software in 2018 when the offline publishing industry goes down every year. It would have made more sense to me to focus on Designer and bring it to a similar level as Sketch because Adobe XD is still way behind and Windows users (like me) don't have a reliable alternative for doing UI design (which everyone does lately). I've tried to do it in AD but having over 20 artboards for a mobile UI design made AD sluggish and at some point almost impossible to work with. Oh well you have your own strategy and hopefully in time will pay off. Thank you for doing your best and giving us hope but right now I still can't give up the damn adobe beast and I'm using AD just for personal projects. Best, Cristian
  4. Hi there... I don't have Affinity Photo since I don't need it. Is this tool too much to ask from Designer? After we already have a Pixel persona and the free transform tool would fit right in.
  5. This one is a real must have... I understand it's not an easy task but usually objects are grouped together and if I we can't reset the selection box then the center of the group will be distorted and won't be able to align the group properly to other objects. Hope this makes sense.
  6. This is about transforming something (free transform) not drawing. Imagine you drag a photo of a building into Designer and you need to fix the perspective. Right now you can't do it. You either have to use another image editing tool which is not very productive especially since Designer doesn't support linked files. I would really like to use Designer as a all in one graphic design tool but I still can't do that.
  7. Any updates on Linked Files please?
  8. My main use of Affinity Designer is web designing, on Windows 10 btw. And a few days ago I've bought a 4k 27" monitor which I use it at 125% scaling and since Windows is doing a pretty good job at scaling these days, everything is scaled at 125% including the browsers as their content. So now to get a sense of the real world applications of my web design I need to use AD at 125% zoom to match the same size as the content of the browsers. Because I always need to zoom in and out, I've created a custom View Point (at 125%) in the Navigator panel but unfortunately I can't assign a custom Keyboard shortcut to it. Better yet than a custom shortcut would be to set the default zoom level at 125% or have an option for the content to match the scaling of the OS. This is how it's done in Adobe XD for example. This would help us web designers a lot when designing on HiDPI screens. Any thoughts/solutions?
  9. I really must insist on this once since it always screws up my workflow. I would really appreciate some kind of reply please :)
  10. Would be awesome to have an option to Enable/Disable having the Clear Selection in the History. Just like Crionis said above, one click and you like everything! And coming from Photoshop or other software this is a common problem for me as well.
  11. Is there a way to export from Affinity Designer always in the same folder as the source AFD file? Cause I can't find it and working on UI design makes it a headache cause I always have to switch folders on export. I know it's a feature request already for Affinity Photo but I'm not sure if this will be added to AD as well. Any thoughts?
  12. Hey guys... I've just tested the latest implementation of Symbols in Gravit Designer and even though it's not perfect I think you could "borrow" a few cool ideas like being able to reset each element to its original state from the "master" symbol. Also you can sync only specific properties of an object like color of an icon inside a symbol next to a text layer for example while creating several new symbol instances where you would make the icon bigger or rotated to simulate different states of a button like hover or pressed for example. These features would greatly improve working with symbols specially when it comes to UI design. What do you think guys?
  13. +1000 Gravit is coming strong from behind... has lots of features that AI has and which are still missing from AD. The only problem with Gravit is the performance which is awful specially when working with multiple artboards and bitmap photos. This is where AD shines, the performance is awesome even in Windows and copes really well with tons of artboards and many objects. Because of the missing multiple fills and strokes I'm still forced to use AI as my main logo design tool.