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    Bogner reacted to IndigoMoon in Shadows & Highlights in Raw   
    Dear Affinity-Team,
    Regarding the Shadows & Highlights function in the Raw Persona; please solve the "shadows-problem".
    Currently it is simlpy useless! Using the Shadows slider, the shadows in a image will be simply clinched together (have a look on the histogram) which causes a horrible black and grey sludge.
    Please check this out and change the algorithm for that. It's possible to make a workaround by using Exposure, Blackpoint, Brightness, Contrast and Clarity, so it shouldn't be a big deal for you smart guys
    I know there are also other threads for that issue, but in your own interests, this weakness is one of the most discussed problems of the AP raw converter in many other forums (the other big issue is the load time of the raws, which improves version by version :)).
    So, please have a look on that... Thank you very much!!
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    Bogner reacted to Hofnaar in Shadows & Highlights in Raw   
    Any news here?
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    Bogner reacted to Gasman in A little disappointed with AP!   
    Hi folks
    Have to say I'm glad that some appear to be enjoying using Affinity Photo and I'm pleased that others are also enjoying using the latest AP for Ipad but sadly I'm still waiting for the promised raw loading speed update before I can properly use AP for windows. I eagerly await and load each beta update as they come out expecting an increase but still get a minimum 12 secs to load a NEF raw on my i7 desktop which for an impatient person like me is just impractical. Since I purchased AP back in December after eagerly waiting for its release I can honestly say I have not processed a single image with it and while I applaud the AP guys for producing a new version for the IPad I couldn't help thinking that they might have got the Windows version working properly first!. Maybe that update is just around the corner but I'm now waiting to see how Luminar for Windows pans out. I'm just a hobbyist so its not the end of the world but I would like to get out of AP what others seem to get, apologies for the rant.
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    Bogner reacted to af-user in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    "200 other fixes" <--- YES! So now the challenge: find what has been fixed :D
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    Bogner reacted to Willabong in Beta ..   
    I don't know of a single program, photo/design/office/music or any other that when released and even years after release had no problems with some of it's features still having bugs. Affinity is no different, except that Serif are actively (if sometimes slowly) correcting the problems. I have every sympathy with those of us who still have problems with the software, but they really need a reality check, just go to the main Adobe forum/s or Magix music forum, even Microsoft Office forum  and you will find plenty of people who are unhappy about this or that feature not working properly. All of these developers release patches occasionally for their non BETA software, but sometimes you wait years before a bug is removed. Patience is needed by ALL of us!
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