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  1. @Kent Kovalis I think your problem is more about how the selection engine guess its working zone. But it could be related in the sporadic aspect.
  2. Hi Meb So, this is unbelievable. I checked the Force Pixel Alignment when working on my UI bits and it was active. And now, having nothing changed, it works! I can't even say that it's because I've restarted AFPhoto because I tried that before without success. So, It looks like it works, but there is more to this bug, and somehow it sees to be related to this bug I had on AFDesigner http://bit.ly/2sivUvx, with visual glitches and positioning aberrations that disapeared relaunching the app. Not the same bugs, but the fact that relaunching the app seems to adress the problem is a consistency behavior I'm a lot more used on Windows than on OS X, which is pretty bad. At least, thanks @Meb and @Chris_K for helping me. Sorry I didn't saw your posts earlier, here is the file I was working on, perhaps it'll help the staff to understand what's happenning: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1658815/Screen%20Shot%202017-06-13%20at%2012.37.01.afphoto
  3. Hi there Perhaps I didn't understand something, but I get problems creating a new layer with from the content of a rectangular selection in a pixel layer by using cmd + J or copying into a new layer. No matter what, I get a feater effect applied on the newly created content, and part of my selection is missing. I suppose this is a bug, since my feather value is 0px. Really annoying when trying to do pixel art or UI. Now, pics or it didn't happen. My selection: What I get (I've hidden the layer below for legibility) :
  4. Hi Chris_K Here is the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1658815/Bug%20Reporting/matrix%20copy.afdesign After I posted here, I reopened the file in AD, and the artboards werent misaligned anymore. But my layers were, so I tried to move them using the Move tool. It crashes everytime. Opening the file, selecting the layer [os x 10.11 (Group)] and using Move tool to move it in the top left corner and it crashes. And yes, the glitches seems to be mostly visuals because my other artboards and their content aren't misaligned since I didn't touch them during the visual bug event, but I can't work having to constantly restart AD to avoid Zoom artifacts flickering and other visual problems. Not mentionning my file not supporting Move tool usage anymore… After trying on other layers, Move tool is crashing the app everytime a symbol layer is moved. Again, a bug with pixelated symbols. This is really frustrating beacause symbols is a feature I expected a lot to use in my works.
  5. I'm currently trying to make icons but I'm tired to have to fight bugs. 1. Flickering glitches like these ones depending on my zoom level. 2. There's more: having done a bit of work, I suddendly find my perfectly-aligned pixelated icons unaligned. Worse, not only my layers are unaligned but my artboards too! All my work is messed up in a snap and I can't realign them! I tried to go back in history but it does nothing, because of course this crappy bug isn't a normal action and isn't taken in account by the history manager. And before you ask, I had the Force pixel alignment checked in the snapping options. To be honest, I don't understand bugs like these are a thing. Pixel alignment! It should be the base, this should be mastered! I'm deeply disapointed. Configuration: OS X 10.9.5, AFDesigner up-to-date. Now the pics. What I should see (more or less) What I get depending on my zoom level: Pixel perfect anyone ? EDIT: I forgot to mention recurrent crashes. GREAT! EDIT 2: Now, when I try to realign layers the app crashs. I can't believe it.
  6. Oh wow! Not possible at all ? I didn't expect it immediately, just wanted to speak of it because I think it's a great feature. Maybe in the future ? That's what I hoped for. ;)
  7. HI MEB Thanks for welcoming me! :) About Boxes : sorry but either I didn't understand what you mean, either you didn't fully see the video, because I can't achieve the same feature as maintaining the relative lighting using Boxes. Boxes looks like merely a HSL picker for me, when Magic Picker let you choose the hue and alter saturation and lightness for you automagically.
  8. There is a photoshop plugin called Magic Picker ( http://anastasiy.com/magicpicker). One of its key features is Tone Locking. Basically, it let you change the tone without affecting the relative lighting, as showed in this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zAfu7xE-Jw ). Super useful in digital painting, photo editing, color palette creation and pretty much all kind of work that need a good color consistency.
  9. I didn't expected to be answered so soon, thanks!
  10. Same problem here. OSX 10.9.5, AD 1.5.1 It happens with rasterised content symbols. Creating copies using Move tool or by dragging directly from the symbols palette change the position of the ones that are already placed in the document. Even locking them doesn't prevent the displacement. It only happens with rasterised <pixel> content, not <image> ones, at least for me. I have symbols with both and <image> parts have a normal behavior. I hope this helps.
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