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  1. This sort of behavior has been bugging me ever since I bought Designer. You advised .. "Click the "..." button at the top of the screen and choose the Divide command under Geometry: the circle and lines will all be chopped up at the places where they intersect." So I tried this. Drew a circle, several lines... now waht ..? I am not using an iPad so no "..." button. However, Right-click or Layer menu/Geometry submenu > Click on Divide > horizontal lines are cut out/disappear!! If I move the circle to the top and repeat, nothing happens! What is so aggravation about this is that this can be done in about 3 clicks with Xara, the programme I left to come over to Designer! Attached the file of what I have tried to do.. What's wrong? On another topic, has anybody else notice that Designer has become a bit unstable or slow in response? whatsWrong.afdesign
  2. Hello Thanks for comments. I was hoping for something like a mesh that would allow for shrinking/stretching using handles. Playing with individual nodes is very time consuming and not that easy to get symmetrical.
  3. Hello Stuck on what seems a simple issue. I would like to put an X into an inverted triangular outline, similar to a "superhero" type emblem. I can not squish the bottom of the X so it will fit within the inverted triangle. ie the base of the X is narrower than the apex.. I have tried to write the X using frame text and artistic text. Neither enables me to perform this transformation. How do I do this in AD please? I have tried to look around for an answer here but did not find anything.. Thanks in anticipation Richard
  4. Er... That is the type of answer that presupposes that everybody knows everything there is to know about 1) colour and 2) how various different software programmes handle it. I think most people want a white to display as a white and if the programme interface can display a reasonable facsimile of such, it is difficult to understand why the working space can not do likewise. In fact I did a check of a couple of things looking at colour profiles. I also reset my monitors to default soft setting and set the default colour profile. On another note, I think it would be good to check the time that people are actually posting as it may give a clue as to whether or not their screen colour temp has been changed automatically by their software! I just found out that my monitors are doing just that, so I turned the option OFF after resetting the monitors to factory default and all seems much better now!! Another thing that I discovered is that if the background is transparent, then whites show up as this yellowish tint. If the background is set as White , then whites in the images are ... much more white and other colours much more like the original .. amazing (no?)... even with ZERO transparency in the image. Now is that something to do with whether or not the programme is color manage? Thanks anyway for various explanations and I hope my discoveries will help others stumped (especially Night Time colour temp changes) I think the programme color management could be more intuitive and very much doubt everybody who uses it understand colour profiles and how they are handled between documents and screens much better than I. Maybe a couple of tutorials on this very topic would go down well? Best Richard PS Why did various images keep getting appended to bottom of first post?
  5. Hello James... Thank You for the reply. I specifically pointed out that on my monitor, white IS slightly off but in spite of that, the White of the Control backgrounds (in the Menu Bar) is pretty good (that is where I got the reading of #ECFFFF)... So even with its slightly imperfect colour settings, this monitor can display a very very close white. So why does the active drawing area of Affinity products have this glaring disparity as indicated by my colour cards? Incidentally, this does NOT happen in other graphics programmed (Paintshop and Xara Designer for instance.) This simple factual difference in performance would lead me to conclude this is certainly (much) more an Affinity problem. Regards Richard
  6. Trying to make/loft/print a poster, I have come across a very annoying problem, with both Designer and Photo. I have NOT check for this in Publisher yet. I wanted to add some white test boxes into the picture for further commentary and figures. White is not displayed correctly within the working space, even though the monitor has no difficulty doing so. This is the original picture I am working on. This is how it looks in Affinity Designer... As can be seen, the background of the original, which is #E6FCFF is rendered in Affinity Designer as #F8F9FB . This is the test colour card I made in Xara Designer, superimposed over the picture (as above) and below. The colour on the Right is #FFFFFF, The panel in the middle is from the first colour pick (using Xara Designer Colour Picker tool OFF the Affinity Designer Screen) The green and black are simply for contrast and clear marking Of note are a couple of things. 1) Whilst the colour settings on screen I am using are slightly off, they are not this far off. They are obviously quite capable of producing clear #FFFFFF, (almost - #ECFFFF!) as seen in the Test Card AND the various Tool Option Boxes on the menu bars of both Designer and Photo. 2) The aberrant colour rendering is not consistent.. Same thing happens in Affinity Photo. Finally, here are two other colour test cards to demonstrate this further... And how it appears in Designer. Simple Mk 1 Eyeball can see there is a mismatch! Clearly there is a problem with the colour rendering. Monitors are coming of the GTX 960. What is going on here and what is the solution? It is very very irksome. Thanks Richard PS.. Everytime I save this a whole bunch of unwanted or duplicate pictures get saved. Why is this?
  7. I followed aammppaa's advice ... "Try deleting the .appinfo files from C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release" and it worked like a charm...!! aammppaa ... you the man !! Thanks.
  8. Hello Aammppaa Thanks for the advices.. Fortunately fixed it ... and hope this might help others too! Best Richard
  9. Well, if you followed the logic of my wry comment,. you will see it for what it is . ... Actually fixed the problem. The install of the new version had NOT deleted the old install so there were obviously conflicts. So, uninstalled for the nth time, saved Resource folder and deleted all else. Reinstalled and all OK. So if anybody has similar problem, that will be worth trying ..
  10. Still not working. Tried uninstalling now, downloading again and reinstalling. Nothing. Help. Please. Richard.
  11. I worded that poorly. Mea Culpa. I would not be here if the repair had worked. The repair said all was OK, just as the Installer had. It isn't.
  12. Hello Thanks for response 1) Yes, it said so. 2) Yes. 3) Win10 64 Bit latest build. (autoUpdates) 4) Have also done a Repair that appear to be successful..
  13. Hello Just installed Designer 1.7 (new release version) on machine with licensed previous version. Does not open. I have beta version ( installed in another folder on same directory, but hitherto no problems whatsoever. That opened fine. Any ideas? Richard
  14. Hello It would be very useful if as others have requested, Guides could be rotated on the page. Setting any point along the guide as the point of rotation? Also is the Zero points on the Horizontal and/or Vertical rulers/scale could be moved by dragging the present static point from the top left corner. Guide lines extending to the rulers/scale. Could the actual position of guide be indicated by a R click, rather than the clumsier, less accurate drag or the slightly more fiddly Guides Manager? Richard
  15. Hello Hey, thanks guys.... The trick was to convert to curves and play in the Pixel Persona... Easy pPeasy... Good Bye Xara!!! In fact to punch holes or trim, I simply used Subtract or Divide. Mithferion .. I tried that before and all I got was a Crop Frame and an object that moved about inside it. I could not make head or tale of how to actually achieve anything by it... It would be good if it was as simple as that for me, but it does not seem to work. I don't know whether my version is buggy on my Windows machine and will try it on OSX.. Thanks for the advice. I will keep trying.
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