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    Bento got a reaction from walt.farrell in [AD] "Alice in wonderland" instead of "Lorem ispum" textholder   
    @walt.farrell I feel dumb about not even thinking of that... Thx it works perfectly
    @2sticks That's a wide question, that needs a wide answer. I've been making UI since 2009, using Fireworks instead of Photoshop. I still think it was the good option. I use Sketch, Figma, and other many tools from time to time. But for me, as prototyping tools they can be great, but none of them offers a wide range of possibilities (creativity) as AD. All of them have things missing either AD does (CSS values, direct export to online services like Zeplin, Symu, InVision, plugins..)
    At the end i would just say, test them all, learn to know them all (as you might need them on some projects, and so you can compare). And for your daily routine choose the one that fits your needs.
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    Bento reacted to walt.farrell in [AD] "Alice in wonderland" instead of "Lorem ispum" textholder   
    Pick a shortcut that doesn't use Shift?
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    Bento got a reaction from Morten_Hjort in Make curves thicker   
    Hi, why not just add stroke and thick it to the number of pixel wanted? (eventually expand stroke afterward and "add" the two curves to merge them together)

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    Bento reacted to firstdefence in Big headache - working with nodes   
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    Bento got a reaction from Alfred in [AD] "Alice in wonderland" instead of "Lorem ispum" textholder   
    Hi Everyone,
    i'm not sure if it's a bug, but i use "insert filler text" a lot, so i decided to give it a shortcut. 
    Usualy when i use the text menu i get classic "Lorem ipsum", but since i have created a shortcut i have what seems to me pieces of "Alice in wonderland".
    Is that known? Looks like an easter egg of some sort. Haven't found options to set it to "Lorem ipsum".
    Any idea?
    Thx ! 
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    Bento reacted to msimek in CSS export for layers   
    I like the current 1.6 beta of the Designer app. I drew a website design in it and now I want to code it.
    But I feel like back in the old days of Photoshop, when I need to ques every dimension, unit (pt to px conversion), color, gradient etc, by hand.
    Current and most used apps for web/UI design have a decent way of CSS properties export, which provides clear definition of a designer intentions. Just look at Sketch, Photoshop, Avocode etc. they all have it, because it's a must for using a design further in a development chain.
    Please Affinity, consider this feature (or API for it), if you're serious about targeting Designer for the UI design area. Thanks.
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    Bento reacted to carl123 in [AD] Transparency Tool (Y) on pixel layer   
    Copy the Pixel layer then select Edit > Paste Special and choose PNG
    A new image Layer will be created to which you can add transparency
    (delete or hide the old Pixel layer, afterwards)
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    Bento got a reaction from fernandolins86 in [Feedback] AD core features are not ready for professional use   
    I do agree too, AD is not UI/UX frendly at the moment.
    It has been spoken a couple of time.
    If you search for pixel alignement issues , it is revelant of what's a major issue.
    Last answer that goes in our way was given by Ben on this thread :
      Not sure that it will be enough but that's a start.   As i said before, we need, when we create a new document for UI/UX (it is in your presets options when creating a new document), a real pixel based document, even when we resize an object from the corner (it should force the object to resize with no digits ! Even if it deforms it by 0.3 for example)   Cheers we count on you guys.   Ben
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    Bento reacted to fernandolins86 in [Feedback] AD core features are not ready for professional use   
    Mr. R C-R, you have already stated that in the original thread about the issue. Do we really need to go over Graphic Design-101 at this stage? 
    The very capable Serif developers understand the issue, they know how graphics work inside out and they're aware of that case.
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    Bento reacted to fernandolins86 in [Feedback] AD core features are not ready for professional use   
    Hello Serif team,
    I want to thank you for the effort of taking such a big project on, for both AP and AD (and other upcoming software) and getting so far in a short period of time.
    Designer has great ideas and a great future ahead of it, and has reached far into the pool of features in other software from larger and more experienced companies. For that, congratulations!
    However, plenty of the core, basic features for any graphic design software are broken:
    - Moving objects so that they snap to pixels works most of the time
    - Pixel preview is completely broken, with the pixel grid moving around documents and artboards when you change zoom level
    - Line alignment follows an unorthodox system that turns simple tasks like making a 1-pixel high line into chores
    - Color pickers around the UI don't show the same values for a single object
    There are many other issues unfortunately, but I'm keeping this list to what I believe is basic to any design software.
    If one can't even get proper pixel alignment going, why work on new features and a complex roadmap?
    These should be top priority concerns, as it feels like the very core of the graphic engine is broken.
    If there is a proper time to get the basics right, this is it. Please don't wait any longer.
    Unfortunately for me (and I believe for many other professional UI designers) these are breaking issues.
    I hope the team will be able to sort these soon, but I need to get my work done and I'll have to jump back to Photoshop.
    I will not be asking for a refund and in fact I'd love to be able to donate to the project, even if I have already paid for the software, because I want to be set free from Adobe. At this time Designer is not ready for my kind of professional activity.
    Best of luck to the team,
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    Bento reacted to vrooney in Export to CSS. LESS ans SASS   
    It would be great if both Affinity Designer and Photo had the ability to export CSS, LESS and SASS code similar to what this photoshop plugin does:
    This would be great for web developers and designers alike.
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    Bento reacted to Ben in [Fixed] Layer pixel alignment issues   
    I do have plans for more snapping improvements.  One thing being a "correct to pixel" tool.  I se that as separate to general snapping because it would have the potential to resize objects at the same time as aligning them (should you need to align both edges to pixel).
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    Bento got a reaction from AbapocaEcosy in AD crashing on moving object   
    All is in the subject nothing more to tell unfortunatly...
    I can send the apple report (not sure in should do it here publicly since i don't know if there are personal informations in it).
    EDIT : Crash on moving objects and resizing Artboard
    EDIT 2: detaching and deleting all symbols seems to resolve the issue... Wich means you have a major issue with symbols (not the first time i need to stop using them) i seen other post talking about issue involving symbols today, any known issue ?)
    Help needed please !  Patch needed
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    Bento got a reaction from pixelrain in [Fixed] Layer pixel alignment issues   
    I'll have to agree with my fellows here pixel alignement/snapping/whole pixel thing is really tedious
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    Bento got a reaction from tomn in AD : Export artboards issue - Unwanted 1px edge   
    OK i've been investigating  and found this topic (2014) : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/452-pixel-snapping/
    In witch Ash asked for :"  but I actually think for pixel snapping the major use case is web graphics, and in most cases always want to snap top left to a 0.5px grid, and re sizing snapping to 0.5px too.  Snapping to other objects is likely to get in the way more than it helps (there's always alignment tools).  0.5px snapping I think is useful (rather than a full pixel) to account for when you have an odd number pixel width line border to your shape and want the line to perfectly align to pixels."
    Oh god so that's where it comes from? 
    I also just found out in the same post that : holding down ⌥ (option/alt) breaks the snap... You have to Hold ⌘ (cmd) instead... Why just why?
    Illustrator, don't work that way, nor photoshop, nor fireworks, nor inkscape. 
    It seems you guys try to redefine all that seems acquired for ages. (Another example ? Holding shift disable ratio constrains ... but i think it can be reversed in the settings )
    Make an option in preferences for UI/UX design so that AD works in Whole pixel under any circumstances. You will never have a webdesigner say , "Ho yeah 0.5px is totally usefull" that's just a chard !
    Even AD is not only UI/UX, we will need it to be sharp on that pixel thing or it will remain unusable.
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    Bento got a reaction from arechsteiner in Bootstrap 4 Grid Template for Affinity Designer   
    Thanks, good one!
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    Bento reacted to VIPStephan in Blurry strokes at 1px   
    Fireworks (CS 5) has this interesting thing going on that it always aligns a stroke to the middle of a pixel by default, even if you position it by entering a different value in the properties fields. In the left section of the first attached screenshot I drew a line with the line tool. It automatically aligns the points to the center of the pixels. In the right section I changed the x position by typing a value in the properties panel at the bottom, and see how the stroke behaves: the point is aligned to the edge of the pixel but the actual visible line is still in the center.

    I don’t know if that can be considered a bug but it never actually bothered me; it always felt natural that a line was always just a pixel wide and never blurry. Fireworks, however, also had this nice path panel where I could align points with a single click rather than having to type specific values into a text field. Would be awesome if AD could implement something like this, too.

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    Bento reacted to diondiondion in Pixel based document to be rounded up to the nearest whole number   
    One thing that really threw me off in the beginning was that holding Alt to create a copy of a dragged object also disables pixel snapping, UNLESS you let go of the key after initiating the action. Took a bit of rewiring my muscle memory to get used to that.
    Anyway, in my mind the "Force pixel alignment" checkbox could be stricter than it is now. It's safe to say that in UI projects, I don't want ANY sub-pixel values whatsoever, so it would be useful to be able to ignore those even when there are other mis-aligned items in the project (which may be unavoidable for example when importing & resizing images with a fixed aspect ratio). So maybe there could be a "strict" setting somewhere that actually does justice to the word "force" in the name of the option. ;)
    That's actually another good example: I think "Force pixel alignment" should also apply to objects being distributed or aligned to objects with odd widths - sharp strokes and container edges are more important to me than mathematical accuracy. (And it's not like anyone would notice - web browsers for example center-align objects with pixel snapping, so they're not 100% accurate - but at least the borders are never blurry.)
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    Bento got a reaction from Philipwhand in Pixel based document to be rounded up to the nearest whole number   
    i'm trying to figure out if, there's a way to work on a pixel based document wich would be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
    I'll try to explain :
    Let's say i'm working on a ui/ux webdesign, and my base value is obviously pixel. As i need my design to be as square as possible i really dont need all the decimals wich are more a pain to correct every time i create or move something. 
    So is there a way to tell AD to get rid of decimals, and snap things to pixel perfect position ?
    Hope to be clear enough.
    Thanks !
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    Bento got a reaction from esaramago in Editing text (but not properties) in symbols   
    Hi everyone,
    i'm new to Affinity Designer, an di'm trying to learn how to use symbols.
    I think i have mostly understood how to use them, but one thing still has no answer :
    Is it possible to "unsync" text content from a symbol, without unsyncing it's properties.
    Like i have a button wich it's text is red and bold, and i need to duplicate it and change the text (let's say from "OK" to "KO").
    Will i still be able to change the color of all my buttons on a layout (as the are all based on the same symbol) ? And if yes, how do i do it? As it seems that Unsync and Resync button doesn't work on texts.
    Thx !