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  1. For reference https://luma-touch.helpscoutdocs.com/article/44-how-to-i-imports-luts-cube-and-3dl-files-into-lumafusion Btw, the 3dl export has other issues and is overall inaccurate. Would be great to have this issue resolved for .cube files.
  2. Please address this. Thanks
  3. Steps to produce: 1. Create a folder 2. Save a file from Affinity Designer into that folder 3. Move that folder to another location from the terminal `mv /path/to/affinity-saved assets /other/path` 4. Return to Designer, save another file `Save As` 5. Designer shows the previous folder no longer there (cached) 6. Save the file to the phantom folder -- Hangs / Crash Suggestion: Check if path exists before attempting to save to it. Throw exception to user "path has been remove" and default to the users home directory.
  4. Hello, I have two questions on guides. 1. Why don't my guides saved to my Illustrator document work in Designer? I can create new guides but the ones from my AI files doesn't work. None of them seem to get imported, which is strange because Designer works otherwise very well with my AI files. 2. How do I export/import guides from one Designer project to another? Thanks, B
  5. OK, thanks--about #1; is this a know issue regarding translating (importing?) guides embedded into an AI document into Affinity Designer?
  6. I'm using Designer and its great. One thing holding me back from Photo unfortunately is that when i copy and image into the clipboard and paste it into Photo, it doesn't automatically size the artboard/canvas to the size of the image. Photoshop does this as follows. When you copy something into the clipboard, you do a cmd-n and Photoshop starts a new tab with the Canvas defaulting to the size of the image in the clipboard. This is really useful. I am copying images and pasting into Photoshop all the time. In Photo, unfortunately, it doesn't auto detect and set the size. This would be less painful if there was a way to quickly resize the canvas to fit the image, but I don't know how.