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  1. agustinbg

    Affinity photo "stuck" on export

    It's still happening. I'm using MacOS Sierra on my iMac and Yosemite on my MacBook Pro, and it only happens in Sierra. So surely the problem is there. Sierra has been quite buggy (not only on AD and AP but on almost every program). :(
  2. I have the same problem. I have to manually set the spacing and hit enter for the changes to apply. It started when I updated to Sierra. [ iMac 5K - MacOS Sierra ]
  3. agustinbg

    Affinity photo "stuck" on export

    No, it happens like every 5 saves. I'm exporting to my desktop or a folder inside the system SSD. I'm afraid there must be some kind of dialog but I don't know where. I launch Exposé (or however its called, I don't remember, it's the function in MacOS to show all the open windows and dialogs of the same program) and nothing else shows. I'm downloading version 1.5 to see if this problem persists. Otherwise, I'll let you know, maybe it's probably solved in this version.
  4. Hi, I just downloaded Affinity Photo as my experience with Designer has been superb. However, I found this weird bug: Open an existing photo Work on it Select export settings (JPG) Select folder to export Clicking save Then, nothing happens. The modal stays there. It doesn't stuck in the regular way (working on something) but it just doesn't respond anymore. When I try to click on anything, a beep sounds. Like when there is a prompt and you have to choose something before continuing; but in this case, there is nothing to click on. If I try to Command+Q, the same beep sounds, I have to force close the App through the Apple Menu.
  5. The same thing is happening to me. Most of the parts where I try to move my shape, that rectangle appears and return the shape to its original position. I have to move everything by using the keyboard arrows. I already unchecked the snapping options but nothing changes.

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