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  1. Hello again Chris_K - I found it! But this is more than weird. When I disable 36 fonts from my list - Affinity Designer works - but when I try to disable them one by one it still crushes. So the solution for now is to have my 36 fonts killed and I can work. I attached screenshot with my fonts list - greens are the one that disabled make AD work. And thank U for such a quick help - I can work again with my favorite app! Yaaay! Hope this issue will be solved in the future :) Cheers!
  2. Hi Chris_K - the only problem is that I have a lot of fonts. But I will try! Thanks for the help - I'll let U know if it work.
  3. I did reinstall it and the same thing happens. On the other hand my husband did his install for the first time - never had Affinity Designer before and everything is OK. I'm confused :/. Neither of us use any virus apps. Is it possible to give us the old version so we can at least work until the problem will be solved? Guys - please help pour souls!
  4. Here's what I get - all in attached file. I just cleaned AD with AppCleaner and I'll try to reinstall it.
  5. I have same problem - but I don't see the info - I can see loading screen and than it's dead :/.