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  1. Well, the second time I started the program the link showed up. So good to go now. Thanks.
  2. How do I show a screen shot? I can't find a way to upload it. I included a screen shot as an attachment when I originally wrote the post but it doesn't show up for some reason.
  3. Yea, that would be nice if that download button would show up.
  4. I have attached a screen shot to my original post.
  5. According to your web site, when I purchase a copy of Affinity Designer 1.5 I should get a copy of Grade UI kit for free. I just purchased and downloaded Designer 1.5 today from the Apple Mac Store. When I start the software, it doesn't give me the option to download the UI kit. I click HELP/WELCOME and there is no option to download the UI kit. What is the deal?