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  1. I have this issue with a CMYK 8 bit export to literally any format now. For vector logo and fonts no sharpness at all, get it blurry as result. Please PM me, will provide the sources so you could investigate.
  2. Snap, I have this now. Sharp when editing, but some layers are so blurry on export (without any resizing). File is in CMYK/8.
  3. Also have this issue yet. Looks like only Adobe supports those new .RAF files (including compressed) from the box, almost since camera release (and I got it).
  4. Hi. Just want to add: importing Sketch files might be a bigger deal for Windows users as far as Designer goes Windows, as far as their official app is Mac only. So, teams need other tools to share those if designer works in Sketch (and does that from beginning and not willing to switch).
  5. This feature was requested here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3279-missing-fundamental-tools-for-web/?hl=clipboard Please, it's so important in our workflow!
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    Waiting for this stuff as well!
  7. When I launch it for the first time, the toolbar is covered by Dock on the left side. A minor stuff, just letting know.