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  1. I noticed it right after the latest update but have been too busy to post until now. Is anyone else experiencing sluggish with the desktop app?

    For me, it's been simple stuff. I bring in a pic from my camera and try to use things like the blemish removal tool, it is very sluggish until I resize it to something like 1000 X whatever.

    Also, when I add a Levels adjustment layer, the histogram does not always show, but the sliders work. And, in the layers menu the icon is sometimes grayed out.


    Any one experiencing this?

  2. I just cancelled my CC subscription this morning and bought AP. Really enjoying it so far and a lot of the same shortcuts has made it very nice. Couple of questions though:


    1. When I import an image to work on, it is always locked. Is there a way to import it and have it be unlocked?


    2. After I unlock the image to rotate it, I am using the on-screem handle. It works fine except when I manipulate the handle and pause at all, the image starts to move down. Then I have to press Cmd+0 to center it again. Has anyone experienced this "moving down" behavior when the rotation handle is held (after manipulation)?


    Thanks in advance

  3. I have listened and watched probably way to many articles and videos about this and I am a little confused. I know that it can be situation-dependent, but in general, assuming the client does not want a native AI file, what format are people using for export say for a logo, movie poster, business card, etc... (basically for print)? I saw a video where one guy only used bitmaps, the other PDFs, another pngs...so confusing for someone like me with no formal graphics education.



  4. Hi,

    I was creating a (bird) wing for a logo (following AI youtube tutorial) and the process is, first, created one part of wing, duplicate it and rotate it slightly. The repeat process to make a fan-like wing. After that. I selected everything and used the "Divide" function. Now, my thought was I could select the segments and color them the way I wanted. All the segments of one color I would "Unite". The problem is that these lines appear between the shapes. I anticipated this might happen so before doing any operations I filled each wing segment and removed the stroke so each shape was just a "fill". Yet I still have the problem of these lines showing up. My solution (to eliminate these lines) was just to create each (color) segment of the wing individually, which is the last picture. My question is, in the AI tutorial the person used the Shape Builder tool to unite certain areas and got no lines. Is there a way to do this in AD without the lines? How would others with more design experience create this? Symbols?
















  5. I used the File > Export option. I did not use the "export persona". Should that matter? The options are the same in both. 

    I noticed the both your exports are the small size. Interesting... I can't seem to make sense of this. Perhaps it's the Beta? Or me? lol


  6. I have exported to PDF, one "PDF for export", the other "PDF for print". Both at 300dpi. The PDF for print is banded. The PDF for export is better but still some banding. As a test, I recreated scene in another software package (not AI) and used the same (export) settings and got virtually no banding (smooth gradients and blurs!). Is there a trick in AD to get less banding with PDF export?



    Mtn_v01_AD_for print.pdf


  7. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone is creating designs (could be game related elements) and animating them after. If so what program are you using to do so and in what format are you importing? I figure a lot would say After Effects but are there alternatives? 


    Speaking of game elements, are most using a vector program (AD, AI) or a bitmap (AP  or Photoshop)?


    Does anyone know of any plans for an animation component in AD or AP like in Photoshop CC2017?


    Lastly, I use a Macbook at home and Surface Pro 4 on the road. I bought AD for each operating system, I assuming I have to do it for AP as well. Am I correct?