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  1. Sounds good. I just wanted to provide you some more info. Looking forward to the official release!
  2. Just an FYI in case you want to compare. Here is a file I just created in iDraw. It's setup is RGB, 120dpi at 800x600. Preview seems fine. iDraw Dragon2.pdf
  3. Thanks for the response. Just some info, I recreated in iDraw and Illustrator CS6 and exported as PDF and did not get any issues in Preview. Would you like to see those files to help pinpoint the issue?
  4. Hi Matt, I created 2 different files: Dragon3 and Dragon4. In the pics for Dragon3 you can see my setup. The exported PDF is considerably smaller (192x144). Is this a bug or my fault in being a newbie? Also attached is the Dragon3.pdf file and a closeup showing those funny thin black lines and the rather jagged drop shadow which was created by just duplicating the design, placing it behind, filling it with black and dropping opacity to 25%. Not sure why this is. Do you know? In the Dragon4 file doc setup window I simply switched the “Type” to “Print” and it changed the size (to 3508x2480) as you can see. Not sure why it would change it by itself from 800x600. After clicking “Ok” my viewport changed and my design and background was now smaller and in the upper left corner, so therefore it did not automatically adjust when I adjusted the doc setup. I had to manually resize. The resulting exported PDF was also a smaller dimension than the doc setup, just like in the Dragon3 file. If you look at the zoomed in image of the exported pdf you will see the same issues of a slightly blurry shadow and those thin black lines. The funny thing is, when I zoom in in the viewport, everything looks fine, but my exports don’t. I’d love to get your feedback on this Thanks! 3-Dragon3.pdf Dragon3.afdesign 5-Dragon4.pdf Dragon4.afdesign
  5. That's great news Matt! Ok so I went back into my file for the design I did and found the proper (vector) gradient tool. Works great. It is CMYK colors and 800X600 pixels. I then want to create a drop shadow but did not go thru layer effect menu because it's not vector (right?) so I duplicated the design layer, placed it below, filled it with black, and changed opacity to 25%. I offset it to create drop shadow. I then exported as PDF and got funny random thin black lines in drow shadow. Could this be from how I created it with the pen tool? Also when I zoomed in it was getting fuzzy like it was not a vector design. The design exported much smaller than the doc setup of 800X600 also. I realize these things could be from my lack of knowledge of vector vs raster software and workflow. I will post images and the file later tonite for you to have a look if you want.
  6. Ok great! Thanks for the info. I'll redo it later and post new result. By chance, is there a gradient mesh tool?
  7. Hi Matt, I won't be home to check on my computer until later tonite but I believe the doc is 800X600, CMYK, 300dpi. I will confirm later. As for the background gradient, I created a rectangle 800X600 on the layer below and added the gradient thru the layer effects menu. I tried double clicking the rectangle to see a gradient indicator in the viewport but didn't see it. Could only adjust gradient layer in side panel. Is there a way to visually alter it's position and the gradient itself in the viewport? Thanks, Chris
  8. Thanks Matt. I look forward to Ben's update!
  9. Hi, First congrats on the new application. I started in iDraw, then moved to Illustrator which I have been learning for the past several months. I saw the magnet icon and checked what was available but still wasn't able to snap a point on a circle to my path. Maybe this feature is not fully implemented but snapping points to paths and other points would be very valuable I think (with my limited experience). Also, in Illustrator, it tells you if you're over an "anchor" or something else. This feature would be helpful to ensure more precision. Thanks and again, congratulations and best of luck!