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  1. Hmmm...this topic brings something to mind for me. Since Apple hasn't updated Motion 5 in years, I'm assuming (and yes I know what happens when you assume...lol) that the software is kind of on the back burner and not a priority. I have used Motion for years and even got my pro level certification in the app. Simon Ubsdell has some amazing tutorials on Motion (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7c46tWEb2grLQ95OGLxBJQ) but I've had to turn to After Effects for motion graphics work. Wouldn't it be nice to have Serif also develop a real After Effects alternative?!!!!!!! :) My credit card is waiting to be billed :))))))
  2. ronnyb- is that real? If so, is that a Alpha or Beta version? MEB - can you tell us approximately when it will be released? Pretty please ;)
  3. I used the pen to make an outline of a shape. I then select this outline and in the transform box (lower right part of GUI) I check the middle right side anchor point (pic 1). When I use the horizontal flip button it does not flip according to the anchor point position (pic 2) . Not sure why I don't get mirror of the original outline. Then I have to move the flipped half to other side to get symmetrical object (pic 3). Am I missing something? Why, when I copy and flip with the anchor point changed, do I not get symmetrical outline? Thanks, Chris
  4. Thanks for the reply Quarian. I've tried all of what you mentioned. eps files are not supported, at least from AD. PDF and Png import just fine but I will have to separately import each layer to work with (animate) them. It's a little bit of a pain but working in AD vs Illustrator is worth it. I have worked extensively in Motion but there are a number of things I need to do that Motion can't. I would love to just stay in Motion but they need to update it bad. I checked into Natron and it looks promising for sure but I don't think it can import layers of an AD file either.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has a consistent way to get an AD file into AE (like many have done with Illustrator files). This is what I know so far from trying Illustrator files. 1. Convert anything CMYK to RGB 2. No eps files 3. Need to "release layers" - is this possible in AD? I guess I could save as PS file but I am concerned about rasterization. Anyone have any experience with that? Any and all help welcome! Thanks in advance.
  6. ChrisP


    Really nice stuff here. Your color choices and simple yet definitive line placement, highlights and shadows are really superb. Excellent job!
  7. ChrisP

    Then, this happened!

    Bought my copy last week. Congrats to the Affinity team. I loved using AD in Beta and now it's officially v1!!! Best of luck and give yourselves a pat on the back!
  8. Hi all, I made a simple character, broke each body part in to layers and exported as Photoshop file (I used RGB color setting). When I went to import into AE it crashed each time. I then remade character in PS CS4 and it imported fine. I even took the PS file that was saved from AD and opened it up in PS and re-saved with different file name and it still crashed AE. Any ideas?
  9. Any suggestions on how to get file from AD into AE? (That is without a huge workaround)
  10. Yes. The file I was trying was very small (8kb).
  11. Also, I just tried to open the AD exported PS file in Illustrator CS6 and it worked fine. An AE issue?
  12. I redid everything and it still happens. I made a simple character to see if the workflow works. I exported the AD file as a PS file. I brought it in to AE and I get the error message below and then it crashes. I then took the exported AD file and opened it in PS and re-saved (save-as) as a PS file with a different name. I then imported into AE and it crashed again - same error message. Lastly, I opened the exported PS file (from AD) in PS CS4, made a new PS document and copied each layer of AD exported PS file to it. I then saved the new (native) PS file and brought it into AE and it worked (layers and all). Could this be a problem with the PS export function of AD? Thoughts?
  13. Hi all, I have used AI to create characters and then animated them in AE CS6 but now I want to use AD. Has anyone else tried the AD->AE workflow and if so what is the best format to export from AD into AE? Svg? PS? EPS? Thanks PS: Since the whole CC thing is annoying, has anyone tried to compete with AE (besides HitFilm)?
  14. I actually have my Motion 5 certification. I used it for a while and although it is a nice app, AE can just do so much more. Motion does have a really great library of particle presets but unless that's all you do it's not that big of a deal. Trapcode Particular 2 (for AE) is so much more useful if you are going to do real particle effects. I know people say Motion can do the same as AE but in a lot fewer clicks, and this is true, but only for the most basic of things. After you get the hang of AE, Motion just isn't that useful. Then again, with CC, maybe Apple will keep improving Motion because its been a few years since it's last major release. It seems dead in development unfortunately.
  15. ChrisP

    Meet the eejit....

    Truly amazing work and your other characters on your website and really top notch. Do you use just a mouse or a tablet to draw these?
  16. ChrisP


    Any thoughts on adding animation ability one day?
  17. I made this short and simple example video. There are other ways for sure to accomplish these tasks but was wondering if this "non-object" mode (of Flash) is a worthwhile addition, or is it property of adobe. http://youtu.be/oE8WlSM6pF8
  18. No sure if this was specifically mentioned but a 3D grid system (with snapping) would be nice to create cityscapes, etc... If not, then some type of distortion/skew tools to deform groups to desired appearance.
  19. Just took my son to Disneyland and he loves Olaf (ok, I do too). I found the ability to change the line width by using the pressure profile by one of the other posts...very fun. Not finished, still need to add shadows.
  20. Thanks for info MEB and Matt. I look forward to the update and can't imagine how difficult it is to write this kind of code. My hat is off to you Matt!
  21. I'm having some issues getting pixelated output. Perhaps it is my lack of understanding of illustration software. Some parts are clean and some are pixelated. The screenshot is in adobe acrobat reader not preview. I have also attached the AD file. Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong? I'm thinking I am missing some output setting. Thanks Olaf_v2b.afdesign
  22. Just added shadows and tweaked background
  23. I have been going thru Illustrator guru Von Glitschka"s Vector BasicTraining book (highly recommended) and made this from one of the exercises using Affinity Designer. Didn't take much time at all since I could bend the paths because it's a built in tool, whereas in AI, you would need VectorScribe plugin (~$90 US). Then I used the "insert inside the selection" feature and presto. Gradient background for good measure. I would like to see the ability to move and alter the gradient like in Illustrator thou. Also noticed that the exported PDF (on left in image below) seemed slightly different in color and intensity than in the view in ADesigner (on right).

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