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  1. Hi, I am trying to add a sun highlight to a group of buildings I made, but I can't figure out how to do it. This is what I'm doing: 1. Make shape for sun highlight. Use "cut" command (Cmd+X) 2. Select building group and go to Edit>Paste Inside The screen shot is what I get. Any ideas? I guess the issue is pasting inside of groups right? Thanks
  2. Thanks MEB! Yes I did use the Layer ▹ Rasterize to Mask. The transparency mask does the trick. Thanks again!
  3. I coud not figure out a way to edit the gradient after I applied it to a mask. Any ideas? The only work around I could figure is to duplicate the gradient shape before using to so if you don't like ti you could redo it.
  4. Just thought of another way... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThsMpWt5t6Y&feature=youtu.be
  5. I made this video to show a workaround until this feature is implemented in AD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OZIrZPnpsA&feature=youtu.be
  6. And the new Adonit Touch stylus is amazing. It has palm rejection in Forge! Haven't checked it with Procreate or others but I bet it will be coming. So palm rejection in AD app would be nice :) Pretty please
  7. ChrisP

    Logo design in AD

    Love it! Truly simple elegance!!
  8. Thanks MEB. Love to see that on the roadmap!
  9. Hi all, I have a circle path and I want to add a "zig-zag" type of thingy like the inner-most part of the image. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Thanks MEB! Is there a way to toggle of the tool outline (not sure what you call it) so I can see what I'm doing better?
  11. I have an iPad 3 - please it work with that iteration!!!
  12. I am seriously contemplating dumping my full adobe subscription (or maybe just keeping AE). I am wondering how many of your clients actually ask for the source files, meaning .ai, .ae, etc... Or, do they just get the PDFs, png, etc... I have a client who wants the logo to use in print, web, marketing, etc... Since print would require 300 dpi and the web less, what should I supply him? As for the logo with a transparent background for print, what file format are most using. I've used .pngs Thanks
  13. Thanks 00Ghz. I did have a case where when I did export as EPS and opened in AI, my blend mode layers (multiply specifically) were all messed up.
  14. Ronnie - I do a lot of shape layer animation and stuff like that in AE. How is HitFilm with that type of motion graphics stuff?
  15. You and I both Ronnie, unfortunately I don't think they are listening. The market (world) needs a AE rival without a subscription!!!! I'm going to upgrade to Yosemite today and get the M5 update. I saw they mention something about shape and kf tools being better. I am sooooooo hoping!!!!!
  16. ChrisP

    Affinity is NOT Adobe!

    As I was getting my cup of coffee this morning I was just thinking about some things I read on the forum and about my own needs in using AD. I realized we basically all are asking for AI features in AD but at a cheaper price point. Also in a v1 of AD. It know I can be impatient for features to be rolled out, and maybe some of you too, but the developers are very gracious and informative about their goals with this software and the eventual suite. I personally am still dipping back into AI to get some things done but when I think about it there are definitely workarounds in AD if that "tool" is not available. I guess the bottom line, as Quarian stated so well, is that AD will never be AI nor is its' goal to be. AD will be its' own animal and judging from v1 it looks very promising. I do think things need to be added to make it production ready where houses will be willing to integrate it in their pipeline but this will also take a mind-shift. That, to me, will be the biggest hurdle, not the capabilities of AD. For me, I'm dying to see a viable AE replacement. It gets tougher and tougher, especially with some of the new features just rolled out in AE at NAB. I poured my heart into Motion, starting in v4, but there doesn't seem to be a desire by Apple to really compete with AE. Therefore I am constantly using AE and paying Adobe :(. Yes, Motion is very capable of doing somethings that AE can do, and some ever easier, but if you want to do anything somewhat "interesting" in motion graphics, you will be disappointed. I know that is not really what Motion is for, I understand it's purpose and integration with FCP but I just wish it was so much more. And, the new M5 update, which I haven't downloaded yet seems just about 3D titles so unless that's all you do..... :-(. Again it's wanting M5 to be AE but at cheaper price point. I just realized I cannot type to a forum when drinking coffee....I just start to ramble......good day to everyone, you are all what makes this forum so informative and entertaining :)
  17. I'm with Ronnie - love to see a grander update to M5. 3D titles...just not enough (for me anyways). I would love to see a better graph editor and shape animation improved to start.
  18. Great style in your work! Look forward to more of your amazing work!
  19. Pier, Great list! Couldn't agree more, especially with shape builder tool. It speeds up workflow and expand possibilities.
  20. I just revamped a logo and brought it into AE to animate. Now the client wants the AI file. I haven't been asked this before. The problem is that I decided to do it in AD. I guess I can recreate it in AI but if there is a way to do this I would love to know how to save me some work.. Thanks
  21. Adrian - iDraw still has a soft spot in my heart but I was having to do too any workarounds for things I could do easier in AI and AD. iDraw does have those nice features like you mention but they should be implemented in AD as they do seem rather basic to have in a competent vector program. If iDraw had a brush panel like AD it would be very interesting...... I am really looking forward to the iPad version as I usually can get a lot done while I'm on the road and them port over to the desktop version of iDraw to finish. Adobe has recently come out with some apps that can (kinda) do the same thing (Illus Draw or Line to AI) but the workflow is not as fluid. I suspect with the competition heating up that this type of cohesiveness between iPad apps and their desktop brethren will be the norm at some point (or at least I hope so). Ronnyb - totally agree - with my limited experience with the trial version, Sketch 3 was very buggy. Sketch is no more than a $25 app for sure.
  22. I have extensive experience with both the desktop and iPad versions of iDraw. I still use it on the iPad because there is not AD available yet in that form. As for iDraw on the desktop, I don't use it very much since I bought AD. iDraw is a great app but AD seems to have surpassed it on the desktop at this time. I have limited experience with Sketch so I can't really comment except to say it is almost twice the cost of AD, which doesn't make sense to me if you look at feature list comparisons. Thou UI developers seem to love Sketch and they know better than me on that for sure. If I could only pick one I would go with AD.
  23. Is there a way to set up global colors like in AI? If not, can we put that on the list :) Thanks